PREMIERE: Emerging Alt Rockers SUPER GHOST Release Debut Single ‘Vertex’

Super Ghost are already stirring an early following despite not officially releasing their music, until now. Performing energising and engaging sets between Brisbane and the Gold Coast, Super Ghost have begun to latch onto their unique sound and are settling comfortably into an act that you don’t want to miss.

Premiering today via Good Call Live, their highly anticipated debut single Vertex combines elements of alternative rock and indie rock, whilst whimsically reaching from elements of punk for propelling momentum. Brought to life by Jordan Staines and Cody McWaters of Airlock Studios, Vertex showcases the effort in discovering Super Ghost’s sound.

Super Ghost is the product of the coupling of genres and textures, often left within their own soundscapes—never to meet. Between them, Super Ghost produces a fresh alternative/indie rock spin of old tales, with the abstract compositions reminiscent of bittersweet anemoia. Rising from the Gold Coast, the sound of their dreamy undertone, dissolved by a propelling energy, mediates the lasting impression of Super Ghost

Hudson MacMahon and Alexander Shoesmith made acquaintance at their part-time jobs, later rekindling their relationship as roommates. With their household guitar playing infatuating each other, the pair teamed up to write for a uniquely premeditated project. Coupling their tenor and baritone vocal ranges with virtuosic guitar and carefully arranged music led to a new exploration of alternative rock, seeking for new unknowns to deliver with a fresh taste.

Tune in exclusively to Vertex here and get the first taste of Super Ghost

Vertex will be officially released tomorrow, Tuesday August 10, 2021.

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