THE AUTOMATON Blow Our Minds With New Track ‘No Exit’

Photo Credit: Mike Rankin

Ya’ll ever tune into a new song and feel like your mind has been well and truly blown? Yeah? Us too. Today it was thanks to Brisbane’s dark, stoner-psych inflected groove merchants, THE AUTOMATON.

Today (06/08/2021) they have unveiled their latest track and their first music video – No Exit. And for real, there ‘aint no exit from this gosh darn amazing new track, I can tell you that with all certainty. It’s been on loop at Good Call Live HQ, we just can’t get enough!

Stop what you’re doing and tune in right here, right now:

No Exit is out now on all listening platforms.

No Exit is the lead single and the first glimmer into THE AUTOMATON’s debut album ‘The Exit’, set for release October 8, 2021 (You heard that here first, October 8, save that date, mark it in your calendars and dairies, you won’t want to miss it for anything!)

With frontwoman, Deja‘s strong, powerful feminine energy and vocals up front backed by the incredible hard-rock-woman heartbeat of the band from drummer Fi and the high level of talent from the two wingmen, Pete and Jimmy on guitar and bass respectively, these four human forms have music deeply rooted in their souls and No Exit is a fine display of what their powers combined can produce.

The song is only enhanced by the stunningly put together music video. Whilst the single is the bands fourth single release, this is the first time we see one of their songs matched with a video. They didn’t mess around either, going straight to the top of the shelf for music video producers, Hugh Whitehouse. Self proclaimed ‘Director, Producer and Nice Guy,’ it seems Hugh was the perfect fit.

The clip was filmed in and around Yatala, Jacobs Well, Beenleigh and the Fortitude Valley in Brisbane. The band wanted the video to feel quintessentially Queensland and representative of Australian music, which they’ve accomplished to perfection. The video sees main star, Ash Bloodbath on a journey on dusty roads and highways and through Brisbane streets. Seemingly searching for something, for an escape, for an exit from something, something unexplained. Featuring a cameo and guest spot from photographer, Mike Rankin and Deja’s childhood best friend, Jade Bridge. All actors played their roles in the clip so well, it felt a little like the prequel to an Australian film we can’t wait to see.

Deja explains more on the song itself: “The song lyrically appears to take place on a highway, giving you the sense that someone is alone and travelling. The landscape feels bleak, and there’s a sense of desperation. The highway itself is a metaphor for a digital highway, with the desperation you sense referring to searching for people that you aren’t sure exist.

The song itself was written about the digital world; socials, and the net in general. Despite the connectivity we have 24/7, we’ve never been more disconnected as people. For those who are old enough to recall what the world was like pre-internet, finding a real world connection is harder than ever.

No Exit is about the desperation to cross over into real world connection, as you feel the person running, searching for a deep kick and for others that feel the same.

We take our hats off to THE AUTOMATON and all involved in this release. In times when there is so much darkness, uncertainty and fear, it is like a breath of fresh air having new music for our ears, hearts and souls to bathe in. Tune into THE AUTOMATON and tune out to anything negative in your day. This is what music is for.

Catch them LIVE at their upcoming shows, details HERE.


Words: The Colourful Writer

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