Gold Coast Producer JAMIE LANE Releases New Single ‘Attune’

Jamie Lane is invested in his vision of creating ethereal and cerebral music, often crossing the lines between genres, styles and production techniques, and in turn rearranging the idea of mainstream. Inspired by the ‘hyperpop’ movement in recent years, Jamie became one of the first Australian artists to pioneer this wave with singles such as Sink, Sweet/Bitter and Now U Know.

Jamie has constructed a new conceptual vision for his upcoming album ‘Pleroma’ and Attune is the first taste of a more ambitious, sonically tantalising world. While the album will incorporate Jamie’s vocals as the textural element he’s harnessed previously, Attune steps into this new territory as an electronica beat. Explaining the relationship between Attune and ‘Pleroma,’ he says:

‘Pleroma’ is the cycle of reaching toward purity through art while imprisoned by the trauma of the material world; unattainable by definition but cursed to seek it out eternally. Attune serves as the vague hope of breaking this cycle, the attenuation of suffering through authenticity.”

Our plight for authenticity can feel plagued from the outset, but in pushing the boundaries, Jamie has delivered his most authentic work yet. The orchestral introduction sweeps into a bassline that bounces off the walls as Jamie melds atmospheric elements with a pulsating beat, encouraging us to allow our instincts to interpret the indescribable.

Attune is out on all streaming services today – Friday, August 6.

Stream and download the single here.

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