12GAUGE RAMPAGE ‘Unleash The Rage’ With New Album

Since forming in January of 2020, in a small town of the Blue Mountains, 12Gauge Rampage has stormed in to take the Aussie metal scene out with a fusillade of sonic missiles, delivering their own brand of violent, slamming death metal that could grind the beak off an ibis. Hell bent on catching the unwary eye, 12Gauge Rampage offer an interesting and unique twist with their extremities, playing riff heavy deathgrind without the use of guitars or synth. Everything you hear, tracked and live, is shredded and delivered at pace from bass, drums, vocals… and an abundance of rage.

With just 18 months together, 12Gauge Rampage have effortlessly found their own sound smashing out a feral, abrasive mix of grind, death, slam with a decent smattering of groove & machine gun like drumming. Mixed with a deliciously Aussie lyrical flavour, with song titles such as Long Necks & Dole Cheques & Wouldn’t Even Piss On Ya, this is a harsh, unforgiving album from start to finish.

Vinyl, cassette & digital order for ‘Unleash The Rage’.

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