CEDARSMOKE Do ‘Anything’ For Friendship In New Music Video

“It’s a pained brand from Cedarsmoke that pulls you into its world.”
(Declan Byrne, Triple J)

“There are some songs that just sound like they’d be evergreen pub favourites.”
(Gemma Pike, Triple J) 

“They’re a band that put storytelling at the forefront”

“It’s a glorious pastiche of popular culture references.”
(AU Review)

“A gorgeous slice of sunny indie pop that mashes together a brash, rocky riff that gives the track an appealing one-two punch”

“It’s the power to generate such vivid landscapes of longing, loss, frustration and doubt that makes Cedarsmoke one of the most relatable bands going.” (Hysteria Mag)

Cedarsmoke have just returned with their newfound positivity and glass-half-full attitude in their new single Anything. Separating themselves from their self-deprecating darkness found littered throughout their back-catalogue of 4 EP’s, they are releasing a light-hearted, feel-good music video to pair alongside the new release.

The warming indie-rock track is like being wrapped up in an embrace by someone you love, a best mate and that you’d do anything for them. That is exactly what this music video is about, in a round-a-bout, comical, Cedarsmoke fashion. 

To start the clip, a bloke in his hi-vis lifts the roller door to the shed, ready to start a big days work in the yard. After a bit of housekeeping, he’s joined by 5 unlikely heroes in their hi-vis and folding chairs. Taking a seat, the 5 blokes observe the work of the protagonist.

He carefully prunes the trees, cuts each blade of grass to the perfect length and polishes the bearing fruit while the onlookers, like a panel of judges, begin to score him on his work. Ultimately, this protagonist show’s that he is willing to do anything for not only this garden but for his mates. To conclude the clip, this hard worker is awarded a medal from his mates and he couldn’t be happier. 

The combination of Cedarsmoke‘s bright and sunny track and feel-good music video makes for a seriously wholesome time and should brighten anyone day. 

With their huge back catalogue of releases, Cedarsmoke have seen ongoing support from theMusicAU ReviewAAA BackstageHysteria MagScenestrMusic Is My MuseLocal Band SmokeoutTriple J Unearthed and more.

Cedarsmoke’s optimistic new single Anything is out now.


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