Brisbane’s TOBY HOBART Releases Stunning New Single ‘i think i’m in love with u’

Introducing soon to be music royalty, Toby Hobart, who today releases one of the most exciting singles of 2021 with i think i’m in love with u LISTEN HERE

Co-produced by Brisbane based James Angus (The Veronica’s, Example, Carmouflage Rose) and Toby Hobart, the pair match brilliance with innocence, blending pop, hip hop and R&B techniques with a retro/Disney like feel.  ITIILWU showcases an in-depth sound selection through countermelodies and vocal bliss, mixing perfectly with the instrumental production, to get the purest and most vibrant happiness out of the song.  Joe Laporta, know for his work with Shawn MendesThe Weekend and Young Thug to name a few, was instrumental in bringing together the final polish with his standout mastering on the track.

Speaking on what i think i’m in love with u reflects about himself Toby shares with us:

“Joy, happiness, not being taken too serious all the time. That being said, there’s definitely a time and place for more serious/sad/personally significant tracks and I will always continue to write and release those as well, however, I just really want to show people more of who I am most of the time.”

Whether it’s solving Rubik’s cubes in less than 22 seconds (a unique skill of Toby Hobart’s) or finding himself having a deep and meaningful with strangers to write music about, Toby has a way of showing all his emotions on a sheet of music.

Since the age of 6, music has been a big part of his life. Growing up, he played the piano until levelling up his skills and becoming a multi-instrumentalist and a pretty handy producer as well.  Music has always been an emotional outlet for Toby, whether it’s deep and moving ballads or fun and playful innocence he always hits the mark. Speaking on the vibe of the track Toby says:

“This track is just super fun, not too serious, just makes you feel a type of way. I think that’s super important for this release. I’m just some regular guy who experiences normal things just like everybody else. Really just want to radiate as much happiness in this release as I can.”

One of the main goals for Toby is to create as much relatable music as possible. From teenage heartbreak and falling in love. To mental health struggles and growing up. Toby Hobart is the boy from next door who has been through it all and wants to share his story. Dive into his world and be liberated with authenticity and rawness as the adventure unfolds.

TOBY HOBART i think i’m in love with you (single)


“i think i’m in love with u’s glow will radiate to listeners upon their first listen”
Purple Sneakers
“Toby makes a convincing case. I think I’m falling for this track too”
Dave Ruby Howe (triple j Unearthed)

“What assured pop this is. looking forward to more from Toby”
Declan Byrne (triple j)
“Standout gorgeousness. What a great voice, and what a big feeling you paint”
Steph Hughes (triple j)

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