PREMIERE: K MAK Touches On Heartbreak In Emotive Single ‘It’s You’

Compelling Brisbane songstress K Mak is back with her new art-pop single It’s You, due out on July 30th. Having recently released Be My Lady in April this year, Australian electro-pop songstress K Mak gets real about falling in love with someone unexpectedly on her beguiling new ballad. Her sound is a lovechild of Björk and M83 – be the first to hear it here!

Recorded at Alchemix Studios by Marly Luske with mastering by Matthew Agoglia and co-production by Stephen Carmichael, the track follows on from K Mak’s previous single, Be My Lady. Two sides of the same story, where Be My Lady was a daring dalliance with lust, It’s You unravels a pining of a deeper kind. If Be My Lady indulged a fantasy, It’s You is a real-life confession of love reminiscent of Romeo and Juliet or Friends’ Ross and Rachael

On her sophomore single, the songstress lays her innermost feelings bare atop glistening strings and tasteful electro beats. A slow-burning yearn, It’s You charts the highs, lows and confusion of finding yourself attracted to someone who wouldn’t usually rate on your radar.  “I wrote it at the piano at home, when I was going out with one person but couldn’t get my ex off my mind. It’s You was my way of dealing with it, a place to put my feelings.”

“It’s about running away from a feeling because someone isn’t as cute, cool, or sassy as you thought they should be. And looking for love elsewhere, only to realise you had the one in the first place,” says K Mak. Produced backstage in 20 minutes as a set-filler, It’s You is a battleground between the mind and the heart, with the heart the ultimate winner. “You know that rush that comes when you admit the truth to yourself about something? That’s what the chorus is to me. The verses are for grabbing your tissues and the choruses for dancing and crying at the same time.” 

“It’s You sums up the whole album really. The record was the place to catch my emotional overflow following a breakup – the love and the pain.” Like the profound connection it embraces, It’s You is a melodic love letter that lingers long after you’ve finished listening. 

As a cellist with the Queensland Youth Symphony, Queensland Theatre and Opera Queensland, Kathryn McKee – the force behind K Mak – has toured Australia, Europe and Asia, and played onstage with Kanye West, Eminem, Archie Roach and Vera Blue. She’s plumbed the depths of her career to package A-grade musical elements into ballads and bops that delve into matters of the heart with a tongue-in-cheek twist. As K Mak, she’s been nominated for a Q Song Award, the International Songwriting Competition and an Independent Music Award, and has played Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, the Woodford Folk Festival and at a Ted-X Youth Forum. Heartfelt and heavy, It’s You is another exciting taste of her enigmatic forthcoming debut album.

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