BELLA B Debuts With Illuminating Single ‘Light On’

Brisbane singer-songwriter Bella B fluoresces onto the scene today, with debut track Light On.

Produced by Tom Eggert (Marco, HANNI) and releasing under Tom‘s new label Echo Records, the song is lush while caressing Bella‘s vocals amongst the orchestral euphony. The textural choices of a sparsely layered chorus, soft flourishes expanding the spectrum of Bella‘s vocal range, atop the classical piano and glitching synths; all meld together to evoke the illuminating message, and radiating tone.

Inspired by the turmoils of a romantic relationship many can relate to; “Light On is a plea to someone to step up and commit to being in a relationship. They keep running, shying away from the hard conversations – and you keep pursuing them, which only makes them pull away harder”, explains Bella.

While this is Bella‘s first track to be released under her own name, she has previously written for other local artists such as HANNI with Golden Eyes,which has clocked over 3 million Spotify streams and caught the eyes of international audiences such as BBC1 Radio. 

For fans of Olivia RodrigezGracie Abrams, and Lennon Stella, this young artist already exhibits extreme refinement, and she has a catalog of unreleased tracks just waiting to be heard as she emerges from the dark to make a name of her own.

Light On is out NOW.

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