ALBUM REVIEW: Dee Gees (AKA Foo Fighters) – ‘Hail Satin’

Words by Shannon-Lee Sloane {The Colourful Writer}

Just when you thought Dave Grohl had done almost all of the amazing and ‘out there’ things he could possibly do, he hits you with this. Enter the Dee Gees, the disco alter ego of the Foo Fighters. Dee Gees; a name play on the Bee Gees of course, but also the DG standing for Dave Grohl. Clever huh. 

In all honesty, what can you say about a legendary rock band like the Fooies covering a legendary disco music group like the Bee Gees? The mash up of music madness has had fans and followers all in a whirl of emotions. I went over to a friends for drinks the other night and played her the music video for the Dee Gees version of You Should Be Dancing. We played it loud, watching it on a big screen and as I was dancing in my seat, my friend exclaimed “I feel like I am in some kind of psychedelic disco dream or something, what is happening!?” as she laughed and enjoyed every moment as much as I was. But she’s right, the music and the video does play with your mind a little. I can’t get enough of it. 

The band announced the debut Dee Gees album, ‘Hail Satin’ as a limited edition vinyl packaged in a dazzling rainbow disco style sleeve, which was released in extremely limited numbers on July 17. The album includes renditions of five Bee Gees bangers; You Should Be Dancing, Night Fever, Tragedy and More Than A Woman plus Andy Gibb’s Shadow Dancing. Side B features Making A Fire, Shame Shame, Waiting On A War, No Son Of Mine and Cloudspotter, recorded live at Dave’s Studio 606 all tracks from the Foo Fighters latest album release, ‘Medicine At Midnight.’ 

Today, Monday the 19th of July, the album is now available on all streaming platforms as well. So there’s no excuse for not wrapping your listening gear around this one. If you haven’t already heard it, I suggest you tune in right now!

Dave has been a busy bee of late, clearly not letting Covid stop him from creating and doing all things music related (well, apart from touring, *sigh*). His latest film, a music doco, ‘What Drives Us’ is an incredibly enjoyable watch. Then there’s his TV series, ‘From The Cradle To The Stage’, the music he is creating with his daughter Violet, the latest album, ‘Medicine At Midnight’, the track he released with Mick Jagger and more. I wonder, does he have time to sleep? I feel I can relate somewhat, whilst I am not exactly releasing songs with Mick Jagger, I am one to take on lots of new projects and I love to keep busy. So for me and I am sure many others, Dave’s creative and musical endeavours are most definitely inspiring to say the very least. 

I recall an interview I read years ago where Dave said in the early days of the Foo Fighters, he didn’t really like his own voice; that he thought it wasn’t good enough. It’s funny, you know, that he was so completely and utterly wrong! Since then, Dave’s voice has soared up to the highest ceilings and out the open top of stadiums at gigs and performances all over the world and is loved, recognised and appreciated by millions of fans. Covering the Bee Gees, who are known for their high pitched falsetto voices has Dave displaying once again that there’s pretty much nothing he can’t do. 

There is not much point in reviewing song for song as I do with most of my album reviews on this occasion. Because, in all honesty, if you don’t already know these tracks and are not familiar with them at all, then what have you been doing with your life? Grohl, Hawkins, Mendel, Smear, Shiflett and Jaffee along with their brilliant back up singers have done justice to the original disco tracks that generations have been singing and dancing to for many moons, originally performed by the brothers Gibb.

With fans everywhere hanging for another Fooies tour, perhaps the next best thing is some live recorded tracks from their latest album. With a selection of the released singles and some of the most popular tracks from ‘Medicine At Midnight,’ fans are treated to a live recorded version all recorded at Dave’s amazing Studio 606 which includes the Neve 8028 analog mixing console that Dave purchased from the infamous Sound City Studios, the inspiration behind his brilliant film, ‘Sound City’ released in 2013. 

If you were lucky enough to nab yourself one of the limited copies of ‘Hail Satin’ on vinyl, then you are one very fortunate Fooies fan. If not, tune in and purchase it from streaming platforms now. I know I will be listening to it as I wait in anticipation for the next (no doubt) amazing, music related creative endeavor from the man, the legend, the God of rock, the one and only, Dave Grohl.

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