MONET’S POND Releases Gravity-Defying Debut Single ‘Floating In Air’

With her genre-blending soundscapes of hazy neo-psychedelia, interwoven with shining threads of dream-pop and indie-rock, Brisbane’s Monet’s Pond is releasing her highly-anticipated debut single Floating In Air on July 16 –  produced by Aaron Shanahan (Sunday, Miami Horror).

Monet’s Pond is the brainchild of songstress Brigette Lawrence who has been swiftly making a name for herself since emerging at the beginning of the year, mesmerising audiences at her two sold-out shows and receiving praise at the Queensland Music Awards for single Floating In Air that was highly commended, before its release.

Now, Floating In Air drifts untethered as fuzzy guitars, atmospheric vocals and an undeniable bass guitar hook combine to create a swirling kaleidoscope of dreamy psych-pop. Feet hang suspended as verse and chorus blend together, separated by pockets of dazed guitar riffs and cosmic scaling synths. 

The end of a subdued, synth-infused bridge brings the song to its highest peak, building with a steady drumbeat beneath ethereal vocal harmonies until eventually fading into silence.

Lyrically, Monet’s Pond projects her own experiences through a reflective lens, using Floating In Air to explore the importance of protecting oneself from toxic relationships. Lawrence further explains the inspiration behind the track:

Floating In Air is all about protecting your energy from energy vampires, plus the importance of getting rid of toxic relationships. The line ‘because I gave you all my soul, it feeds your energy, makes me feel old’, reflects on how tiring manipulative friendships can truly be.

Monet’s Pond will be performing her debut single at her Floating In Air Single Launch at O’Skulligans in Brisbane on Thursday, July 22.

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