ALBUM REVIEW: Shotgun Mistress – ‘Shotgun Mistress’

Words by Shannon-Lee Sloane {The Colourful Writer}

Melbourne rockers, Shotgun Mistress shot straight to my heart the first time I tuned in to their fast paced, Mötley Crüe-like rock music. It’s got kick, it’s got style and it’s all the things I love about pure rock and roll. Not all bands nail it like Shotgun Mistress do, these guys are really something else. With riffs and guitar solos that will make your mother cry and a frontman who exudes everything a frontman should be, not to mention a solid bass and hard hitting drum combo that vibrates through my very soul with every track, Shotgun Mistress tick all the boxes that make for one hell of a rock band. 

I have been following them closely since I first got a press release in my inbox in September last year. There’s definitely a Mötley Crüe vibe there as I have mentioned, but also some huge Stone Temple Pilots vibes too. Two bands I adore, so it’s no doubt I am dubbing myself Shotgun Mistress’ biggest Brisbane based fan. 

So let’s delve into their debut self-titled album. Set for release via Crusader Records on the 16th of July on CD and all digital platforms. Featuring thirteen absolute bangers, it’s definitely made its way into my list of contenders for my rock album of the year. 

Kicking things off with Born ‘n’ Raised. With a steady drum beat that builds as the track commences, the album is off to a cracking start. Track two, Devil In Disguise packs an even harder punch. With some high pitched screams and then into the gravelly vocals, frontman Glenn Patrick’s vocal range is impressive. Next it’s onto one of my favourite tracks, Bleed Me Out. This song is often stuck in my head. With a catchy as heck, easy to sing-along-to chorus and the dirty chunkiness of this song, it’s a definite stand out from the album. Released as a single on July 7 with a killer music video along with it, I can’t get enough of it. Definitely Stone Temple Pilots and 90’s rock/grunge vibes on this track. 

From here the album seems to take things up a notch with every track. No Friend of Mine is another stand out. This one has got a real rock anthem vibe. The song was released back in 2019 along with a classic black and white style music video. It also highlights a softer, super clean vocal from Glenn that adds another layer to the track. Reflections of his vocals with his other band, alt rock electronic outfit, Collegians come through here briefly. 

Collide is up next and this one was released in December last year along with a super cool animated style music video featuring the band driving through the outback somewhere being chased by the devil himself.

Natural Disaster is even more fast paced with sirens blaring as it launches into play. I would love to see this one performed live! Shotgun Mistress have landed the support slot with Electric Mary on their tour kicking off in August. So I am keen to catch them in Brisbane soon.

Save Me From Myself was released about 10 months ago as a single with another super cool animated, collage, stop motion style music vid. Well worth a watch.

Glorious Machine was the first song I heard from Shotgun Mistress and was the song that had me fall in love with their sound and entire vibe. The music video for this one shows the fun sense of humour from the guys. The lyrics make me think it’s an ode to a lover. With a tongue in cheek approach of being a ‘glorious machine’ that is kept in order by a lover. Pretty Little Thing runs with a similar theme. Clearly about a girl/lover. Analyse “Go take your number and go get your ass in line…just shed your skin from limb to limb, and free your mind….” Love the lyrics to this one. Huge 90’s vibes here, STP, Soundgarden, vibes for days!

Grave Mistake kicks off with an almost punk rock inspired beat. But the solid rock guitars and vocals bring it back to that unmistakable Shotgun sound pretty quick. Technicolor Faded is a busy little number, a cacophony of sounds, vocals and backing vocals that seem purposely messy yet perfectly timed and put together. Getting some Metallica vibes on this one! The echoing through the middle of the song is haunting, a vibrating sensation through my headphones and some spoken word in there too to shake it up some more. This track has some serious layers and I am digging it.

May She Never Walk Alone begins with gentle guitar strumming and the sound of rain. Softer vocals as the album comes to an end and this gives off Guns N’ RosesNovember Rain vibes straight up. It moves from soft and progresses into a heavier sound, but still holds itself as the softest, ballad-like track from the album. A perfectly placed song to finish an album chock full of well written and well put together songs.

Shotgun Mistress‘ self titled debut album is without a doubt a luminous display of accomplished musicians who have combined their forces and musical powers to unleash their sound into the world.

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