PREMIERE: MIMI BAILEY Returns With Heartbreak Anthem ‘Crossroads’

Have you ever been in a relationship that has left you feeling stuck in a pattern? Constantly looping back to this person no matter what you do? That’s exactly the feeling Gold Coast’s Mimi Bailey captures in her latest offering Crossroads. Similar to Taylor Swift’s 2008 ‘Fearless’ track The Other Side of the Door, Mimi combines the instrumentation of classic country with the catchiness and accessibility of pop music.

“You told me to run and don’t come back, while secretly hoping I’d come in with the rain, wiping the tears away and wishing away the pain”

She sings, expressing how every time the pair are separate, they wish they were together.

The song was produced by collaborator Nicky Muir and was written alongside long-time friend and musical partner Stephen Gibb. The release comes fresh off the heels of her September release The Last Time, a bridging track from her first pop release and her current country pop sound. Crossroads is as catchy and infectious as it is all-consuming and heartbreaking.

Born in Adelaide, Mimi Bailey, 21, is a country-pop singer/songwriter and Gold Coast resident who discovered her passion for words at 16, using songwriting as a means to process her adolescent experiences. Writing about heartbreak and the change of seasons, her sassy country pop tunes and heartfelt ballads can be compared to the likes of Australian sweetheart Kasey Chambers or Kelsey Bellerini. Her knack for country music and storytelling has caught the attention of Bill Chambers and Brandon Dodd, who she recorded her country track Penny For Your thoughts with. This was released as part of the Queensland Conservatorium’s SEED Programme. Her previous release Last December currently sits at 5.5k Spotify streams.

Crossroads will be available on all platforms from July 15th.


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