UNDER THE INFLUENCE (UTI) Release New Single ‘Crows’

Wollongong punks UNDER THE INFLUENCE (UTI) have released their monstrous new single Crows via Riot Records

Crows is the follow up to the emotionally intense previous single Gone.  UNDER THE INFLUENCE (UTI) are once again razor sharp on Crows, delivering a massive burst of metallic punk backed with superb production. 

Crows lets out frustrations towards all the fake people in this world. The ones that lie and talk behind your back, all whilst pushing their jaded negative views onto others. It’s about the people that will tell you they can fly when they can barely crawl. This song has them fall apart stitch by stitch, line by line – and it’s only a matter of time before their facade crashes down around them. The mask falls off and the crows dive in to rip the eyeballs from their skulls.


Under the Influence (UTI) are a four-piece punk band from Wollongong, Australia. Conceived in a Dapto high school around 1998 inspired by the sounds of Dead Kennedys / Circle Jerks / AFI style street punk.

20+ years, hundreds of gigs, a bunch of EPs and 3 full length albums later, UTI have progressed to a heavier punk/thrash/hardcore sound! The current members are Kin on vocals, Curci on guitar, Dan on drums and Lochy on bass.

With a tight electrifying live show Under the Influence (UTI) are a band not to be missed!

Listen/Buy Crows HERE


With thanks to Riot Records + Golden Robot Records

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