ELEEA Releases Sensitive New Single ‘I’d Beg’

Never one to shy away from delving into the threads of heartbreak and distress, award-winning singer-songwriter, ELEEA, is deviating from ‘The Travel Collection’ to share her most sensitive and raw track to date, with I’d Beg released Friday, 9 July, during NAIDOC Week 2021. 


Dishing up delicate fingerpicked electric guitar, echoing 80s and unusually soft vocals, brought to life by ARIA chart-topping producer, Brad Hosking (Amy Shark), this track from ELEEA’s archives marks the beginning of a new body of work.

“I’d Beg was initially written in Melbourne in 2016 before ‘The Travel Collection’ concept began. It’s a song I rarely play live, but revisited during lockdown and updated to make the lyrics relevant to more recent experiences. It’s a really special song that’s evolved with me over the years,” said ELEEA. 

“The intricacies of relationships fascinate me and and I’ve read a lot of work by researchers like Esther Perel and Brene Brown, who have inspired me to write from the all the different experiences and perspectives in a relationship breakdown.”

“Through all this, I’ve learnt situations are never black and white, and more importantly, you can never truly change another person. This song captures that harsh moment of realisation.”

I’d Beg cements ELEEA’s sound after her initial exploratory releases, showcasing the songwriting talent that has seen her win a Queensland Music Award, receive competitive RADF and APRA grants, and be selected as a finalist in the prestigious APRA Professional Development Awards. I’d Beg has been supported by Arts Queensland and the Regional Arts Development Fund.

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