LARSEN Leap To New Heights With Latest Single ‘Trampoline’ Ahead Of EP ‘Second Wind’

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“This new one from Larsen is thick with alt and emo vibes. And that’s thick with a hard k, you gotta hit that plosive consonant with the same intensity as the band bring to this sick track.” 4 / 5 Stars (Dave Ruby Howe, Triple J)

“…they’ve followed it up with a subversive music video starring some other local SA acts.” (NME)

“Plenty of grunge and emotional, muscular rock being dealt out here by Larsen!” (Declan Byrne, Triple J)

Larsen have gone full send on this one, their unique pounding alt-rock sound puts them on another level.” (AAA Backstage)

“Covering a broad range of that which is found under the alt-rock umbrella” (Heavy Mag)

Continuing to make a name for themselves in the Adelaide alt-rock scene with their cracking brand of high-octane grunge and irresistible lyrical angst, Larsen return with their second single of the year, Trampoline (out July 9), ahead of the release of aptly entitled EP ‘Second Wind (out August 6).

Earlier in the year, the anticipated release of single Eating Me Alive saw the boys reach a new level of maturity in their songwriting, delivering a defiant and emotional track that received praise from the likes of Triple J Unearthed, AAA BackstageRadio AdelaideWall of Sound AUNew Noise Magazine and more.

Now, Larsen return with the sturdy and insightful Trampoline, initially inspired by the track’s punchy opening riff which peaks and valleys setting the tone for the entire song. Subdued drumming and slinky bass guitar in the verse accompanies frontman Liam Christensen’s dragging vocals before vaulting to an energetic chorus. Suspended in the air at the highest point, the chorus contains the quintessential Larsen combination of overdriven guitars and relentless drums, creating a clattering wall of delicious grunge-rock.

Jumping between verse and chorus, Trampoline eventually lands at an electric punk-infused bridge which erupts with an anthemic lyrical hook designed for full-volume blasting. The song ends with a forcefully sung mantra that depicts the stubborn confidence of someone bolstered by alcohol, thinking they’re invincible but clearly needing help.

About ‘Trampoline’
Written and performed by Larsen
Drums recorded by Joseph Cheek at Mixmasters Studios
Guitar, bass and vocals recorded with Lachy Pitcher at Depict Studios
Mixed and Mastered by Lachy Pitcher

Lyrically, Trampoline challenged the boys as they strived to find a cohesive fit for the song’s musical direction. Written about the highs and lows that accompany a night of drinking, it was Liam who initially compared the opening riff with a trampoline. Drummer Alex Andrews explains further:

“Trampoline rattled around within the band for a long time, simply because we just couldn’t make it work the way we wanted… Lyrically we still struggled to find something that fit until Liam mentioned that the opening riff reminded him of a trampoline in the way that it moves up and down the guitar neck. I took that and ran with it, eventually coming up with lyrics about how a night of drinking and merriment can often be trampoline-like in the way it plays out, with ups and downs all night.”

Larsen’s new single Trampoline is out on Friday July 9 
The EP ‘Second Wind is out on Friday August 6.


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