Interview: A Somerset Parade’s Mitch Matheson Talks About New Single ‘Alpha’ With Tracey Moyle

Words: Tracey Moyle {Music Maven Events}

Brisbane’s hard hitting post-hardcore outfit A Somerset Parade have released their furious new single Alpha, sealing a new direction for the band as they head into the next electrifying phase of ASP.

The earlier days of A Somerset Parade, saw the band gaining public attention with their first single the pop punk inspired Statelines. Their debut album 2017’s ‘Against All Odds’ embraced their musical roots weaving metalcore influences throughout their songs producing 14 tracks that sealed the band as a serious player in the local circuit. With a building homegrown fanbase, ASP released the single, Clementine, in 2019 giving fans a taste of the untamed ferocity the band were embracing in their ever evolving musical direction.

Latest single Alpha sees the band return from a Covid hiatus stepping up with a new merciless power to their sound and leaving fans craving more. The lyrics for Alpha were inspired by the Norse myth of the ruthlessly powerful wolf Fenrir. The band have said, “We took that story and applied a broader metaphor to it which is being held back from reaching your potential or goal for whatever reason, and then fighting back against what is stopping you, really going for broke, do or die, ‘swallow the sun.”

Our Music Maven Tracey Moyle recently had a chat with ASP guitarist Mitch Matheson about the new single, the fun the guys had making of the video and a heavier musical direction for the band going forward.

The new single Alpha is force to be reckoned with. I think it’s your best song to date. You guys seem to be deliberately evolving with your music maturing into a heavier sound.

“It started with Clementine. I think that was the point that we felt we were maturing and Alpha is the next thing. We have a few other songs we’re working on but yeah, we are definitely changing from that pop punk sound. Not sure what genre you’d call us now.”

Mitch Matheson
Photo Credit: Brodie Ramsay – Poet and Muse Media 

I would say Alpha definitely has a mix of a metacore and nu metal feel to it.  It’s pretty ferocious, heavy, industrial and the dual vocals are amazing. It reminds me of when Lincoln Park were at their furious best.

“Yeah, that’s it exactly. We definitely feel that Nu Metal sound.”

Have you been listening to anything different that has influenced the move to a heavier sound?

“Yeah, I’d say so. Definitely Nine Inch Nails and Marilyn Manson came up quite a bit. I’ve been listening to probably more industrial stuff. Brad (James) is still our punk guy so he still brings that side into it. Andrew (Nolan) is more into the industrial side. And what he’s doing now, when he’s producing, he adds a lot of heavy stuff to it as well. He’s got a lot of talent.”

So Andrew has produced the new single?

“Yeah, he’s done all the production and engineering on Alpha. He did Clementine as well when we put that single out. The last album ‘Against All Odds’ was produced with Matt Freeman.

So can give me a bit on the song itself. I read it’s lyrically based on the Norse legend of the powerful Wolf Fenrir. That’s a pretty awesome base for a song. How did it all fit together?

Dan (Cornish) had a lot to do with that. He came up with lyrics. The riff came first. Dan came to us with the idea and with Dan it’s never boring. It’s always elaborate and very involved. It’s pretty cool.”

The song has a big thematic feel like the epic tracks that are usually associated with prog metal. It has a big story to tell. Do you get that feeling at all?

“That makes sense. The album, when we do finish it, each song has its own story. There isn’t much of a theme running through it, they are all individual tracks. But It’s going to be a massive album”

With your last full length album 2017’s ‘Against All Odds’, do you have any plans on a release date for a new album or are you focusing on singles right now?

“I’d say singles. Alpha was a big thing. We are looking at releasing one more single this year. Then we are hoping to have the new album done by the first half of next year. We’ve got all the songs but we just want to pour some more time into the album. We haven’t got too many show this year so we are just focusing on the album right now.”

I love the music video for Alpha. That was an awesome ‘classic B Grade Horror’ theme. It looked like it was a lot of fun to make?

“That was tonnes of fun. We filmed it over two nights. The first night was out in Matt Freemans Uncles barn. The second night was in Jacobs Well in the cane fields. That car and the actors, there was blood everywhere, it was great. It was produced by Colin Jeffs from Colin Jeffs Media. He did Clementine as well. I don’t know if you noticed at the end with the group on the ground ripping the guy apart, I look like I’m smiling and enjoying it. *laughs* I didn’t realise it, but you can see a big smile on my face. I mentioned it to the boys and they said: ‘it makes you look like you’re a real sicko enjoying it.’  So that was great. That was my first film clip so it was really cool. I enjoyed it.  At the end it was one in the morning and we were dousing ourselves in cold water trying to get rid of the blood. That wasn’t fun”.

You must be missing the live shows? Are you looking forward to getting back to playing in front of a crowd on a regular basis?

“I think so, but in a way it’s good that we can focus on what we need to at the moment. But whenever something pops up we will jump on board for sure. I’m looking forward to our gig at Vinnies Dive Bar for the launch of Alpha coming up on the 24th July, as long as Covid permits. We’ve got The Black Catapult, Torizon and The Silencio. It’s a pretty rad line-up for sure. The Black Catapult are so tight, so we’ll be bringing our A game, they are awesome dudes. We love The Silencio and we’ve played with Torizon before at Wallapalooza, it’s going to be really good.”

Have A Somerset Parade found a permanent drummer going forward?

“We have Kurt (Winter) from The Silencio for live stuff so it just works for us as the moment. We aren’t looking at bringing a new member in right now. Kurt is just so easy going  and one of the best drummers I know. He fits in well with us. It’s a good combination at the moment. He plays in The Silencio and Purple Zain so he’s pretty busy. He’s got two rehearsals and a gig this week so he’s definitely committed.”

What would be the dream support job for you?

Devin Townsend. I love that dude. We’d love to hook some shows up with Massic. We’d be keen to do that. They are super nice dudes.

A Somerset Parade will launch their new single Alpha at Vinnies Dive Bar in Southport on Friday 24th July. They line-up next to The Black Catapult and Silencio. Follow the link for all ticket details HERE.

Alpha is available now on all streaming services.

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