PLANET OF THE 8S Team Up With King Carrot (Death By Carrot) With New Single ‘Holy Fire’

Melbourne stoner rock outfit Planet of the 8s team up with King Carrot (Death By Carrot) to release the first single Holy Fire off their upcoming EP ‘Lagrange Point Vol I’. Along with grabbing KC on the vox, Planet of the 8s have pulled together a string of exceptional vocalists to join them on this release. Including Diesel Doleman (Duneeater), Jimi Coelli (A Gazillion Angry Mexicans, Sheriff) and Georgie Cosson (Kitchen Witch) all collaborating across five solid tracks of pure riff fury. When COVID hit, like many musicians, Planet of the 8s found themselves looking at things a little differently, the goalposts had been changed and the opportunity to create something a little extra special dawned on them. With the drum foundations of five songs already recorded, the guys decided to revise the intended use of the tracks. Through a time where social distancing had become the norm, the guys called in on this slew of amazing vocalists to come together and join them in turning these five recorded tracks into one big collaborative project. 

While teaming up with vocalist King Carrot from Death By Carrot, the guys were lucky enough to have the whole Death By Carrot crew involved. Stepping in, recording percussion, a second lead guitar, and extra vocal harmonies making this track one hell of a stoner desert collab. The song Holy Fire is about how isolation is unhealthy for humans. It’s about going to the desert with our kindred spirits and celebrating our love of riffs, our connection to nature and each other. With down-tuned, slow droning riffs leading into a vast open chorus seeing KC’s vocals soaring, eloquently placed leads and an ambient texture that truly takes you straight to the desert. This is a genuinely rocking tune. This is not the first time Planet of the 8s have brought in additional artists to work with. Their second full-length album, ‘Tourist Season’ (2019), features guest appearances by Bob Balch from the legendary Californian stoner rock pioneers Fu Manchu and members of local heavyweights Sheriff and A Gazillion Angry Mexicans. Since their inception in 2015, Planet of the 8s have not just cemented their place as one of Australia’s top stoner rock outfits, they’ve also made a big point of using their music as a vehicle for bringing people together across the country, across borders and astral planes…

The full EP release ‘Lagrange Point Vol I’ is due out 18 August 2021 

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Release shows

Saturday, June 19th at The Bendigo Hotel

Sunday, August 8th, Aftermath Fest Newcastle

Saturday, August 28th, Aftermath Fest Melbourne


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