Q+A’s: Lotus Ship Take Us Through Their New Show Stopping Single

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Words/Interview by Emily Hollitt {Emily Hollitt – Content Writer + Malina Claire}

Fresh off the success of their last single Digital Future, Gold Coast psychedelic royalty Lotus Ship return with their second single of the year Stop the Show. The track is a homage to fallen musical heroes, represented by the track’s ’70s psych rock sound. The song is almost 8 minutes long, yet never really feels like it. With well-thought out production that never grows stagnant, the group continued to solidify themselves as one of the most diverse and exciting bands in South East Queensland.

We were lucky enough for bassist Christian Kafritsas to find some time in his busy schedule to talk us through the track.

You’ve just released your newest single ‘Stop the Show’. Can you take us through what this song is about?

‘Stop the Show’ is our tribute to the fallen heroes that are no longer with us, like Prince and Bowie. We pay homage to them because we believe their music will always be remembered and stand the test of time.

It sometimes feels like a lot of the music out there in this new digital age doesn’t carry itself as being creative or artistic, but continues to get the world’s praise despite the music and lyrics making you shake your head.

There’s a line in the song that encapsulates that: “Shaking their graves as you shift their place, that speech sure knows how to burn you of the taste”.

What do you think makes this song stand out compared to your past releases?

We must give praise to Scott Skirving at QSound that we recorded with. He really made the song unlike anything we imagined. He’s also that voice at the start of the song!

Stop the Show is a touch funkier than our other songs and we love that psychedelic outro. The song wasn’t completely written and until we recorded it, that whole breakdown/outro was improvised which makes it’s so much more special for us given it turned out the way it did. We couldn’t be happier.

One thing I love about your band is the artwork you always include with your releases. Who did the artwork for this release? And how does it correlate with the songs’ message?

You may remember from last time we caught up, we mentioned Tommy’s brother Bennett Gordon did the artwork for Digital Future. He also did the Stop the Show artwork, as well as the poster for our single launch on the weekend. Bennett is an insanely talented artist and he continues to impress us with what he can create.

If you check out his Instagram, you’ll see that he creates a lot of art with clowns, which really paralleled the single. We gave him a very broad idea of what we wanted which was a fat clown on stage and he put that together. He’s incredible.

You describe your music as “if INXS and Faith No More had a baby”. What elements from these two groups are you the most influenced by musically?

Well Mitchell is the one influenced by both bands which is why they’re the perfect examples. We used INXS as an example because some of our songs are upbeat and groovy, whereas sometimes we like to get experimental and weird like Faith No More.

It’s challenging to compare ourselves to other artists. We like to leave it up to the audience.

You’ve just played your release show at Elsewhere on the Gold Coast. What are the best parts for you about live music opening up again?

It’s great to see the live music industry slowly recover, although some states went into lockdown recently so not great timing to say that! For us, we’ve been lucky to bring new music and to play it to old and new fans which has been amazing. When you release new music, all these questions run through your head whether anyone really cares about your music or the band. Luckily our single launch over the weekend got us to put aside some of that doubt, which was really comforting.

Do you have a favourite venue that you like to play in?

I wouldn’t say that we have a favourite venue, everywhere we’ve played really has their positives. There are venues that we want to play one day such as Hordern Pavilion, The Forum and Riverstage just to name a few. You know, all those dream big venues hahaha.

Are there any bands, local or global, who you’ve seen live who have inspired your stage performance?

There’s not really anyone that inspired us but we always like to look at other bands to see how we can improve our live shows. Such as Parcels; all their members sing which is amazing and bring so much more to their live show and could be something we may look at one day. Another would be King Gizz where they managed to jam flawlessly in front of a crowd, I guess that comes down to executing ‘the look’ between us.

Besides knuckling down and working on your releases, what else got you through the pandemic? Was it movies, albums, did you learn any new skills?

Well personally I can say it was only recording purely because I bossed around everyone to make time to get back into the studio so we could finish! Besides that, I bought a record player during COVID and am very proud of my growing collection.

And finally, what’s one thing you think everybody should know about Lotus Ship?

We know that when people say our band name it sounds like you’re saying “load of shit”. It’s funny and we love you for it.

Stop the Show is available now on all platforms.

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