BORED SHORTS Unveil New Single ‘As The World Looks Down’

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Beloved Eora / Sydney via Dharawal / Illawarra indie outfit Bored Shorts, have shared their latest single As The World Looks Down with the news of their signing to Spunk Records and upcoming debut album ‘Way Off!’, due for release September 3. 

LISTEN + WATCH ‘As The World Looks Down‘ HERE.

Comprised of members Dom HobanWill BlackburnCharles RushforthNicholas Griffith and Ash Bundang, since their emergence in 2017, Bored Shorts have craftily built a following for their brand of 20-something-dom malaise with the infectiously rousing Day & Age and existential anthem Figure 8. A cross between San Cisco and Lime Cordiale‘s happy-go-lucky instrumentation, with shadings of David Byrne‘s oddball quirk and Gareth Liddiard‘s Australiana is peppered throughout their sound, as established with debut EP ‘Looking Up’.

Since its release, the band have become regular fixtures on the local circuit through their unforgettable live shows; spectacles where crowds belt choruses back to the band, often drowning out their instruments in the process, on stages shared with Rolling Blackouts Coastal FeverAlex LaheyThe Goon Saxe4444eBody TypeBabitha and more. For the five-piece, finding inspiration in the unfamiliar is integral to their storytelling, with twists and turns that get wilder with each obscure circumstance. Now the band steadily embarking on their next chapter, setting the tone with As The World Looks Down, a fast-paced and percussive jaunt, bursting with exhilaration. Its riff is irresistible and the melody wins you over within the first verse. As The World Looks Down is Bored Shorts at their most jubilant and carefree, despite lyrically lamenting the inner monologue of the world’s worst boss, they share as the first taste of their forthcoming debut album ‘Way Off!’

Of the release, the band share “This is our attempt to see the world through the eyes of someone whose actions, lifestyle and values we don’t agree with. In this instance, it was a real piece-o-work ex-boss, but more broadly, it’s me asking the question: is it better to consciously do something wrong for your own gain, or to be so naive to the world around you that you don’t even realise what you’re doing is wrong. It’s real “big picture” stuff. We wanted this to be a track that everyone can get involved with, because we can probably all relate. So at one gig we put iPhones around the venue to capture everyone singing the group chant and promised to put those recordings on the album. I don’t think those voice memos ever did make it on the album, but I’m sure they’ll see the light of day eventually.”

As The World Looks Down is just one song from a collection of hook-laden jangle that’s made Bored Shorts so god-damn loveable and listenable in the first place. On ‘Way Off!’, they illustrate their strength in numbers, together with an ability to not take themselves and each other too seriously. It’s this spirit they embody across their debut album, that allows them to be both shy and direct, polite and cheeky, charming and thought-provoking, and much more. Listening to Bored Shorts is like striking gold at the op shop, their stories much like those each knick-knack would share if they could speak. With ‘Way Off!’ the wallflowers sprout into pillars of their own making.

As The World Looks Down is out now via Spunk Records, buy/stream it here.

The debut album by Bored Shorts
Out Sept 3
Pre-order HERE

Born from a decade long friendship between Dom Hoban and Will Blackburn, who have collaborated on bedroom tracks since the day they met in Margaret River, today Bored Shorts is a band sewn together with the talents of members from FLOWERTRUCK, Sunscreen, Big White and Classic. Returning in 2021 with their debut LP, ‘Way Off!’, Bored Shorts offer up a well-fitting collection of the broad-chord, hook-laden jangle that’s made them so god-damn loveable and listenable in the first place. Having released their debut EP Looking Up in 2018 to critical acclaim, the band has spent the last three years writing, refining and recording a collection of songs that stride down the lesser trod paths of pop lyricism. They find themselves well-worn, sun-bleached and completely in step with one another, ready to share their full length debut.


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