SWIMSUIT ISSUE Release New Single ‘This Is The End’

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Cue the credits, Indie-punks Swimsuit Issue provide the soundtrack for moody noir with new single, This Is The End.

This Is The End comes hot off the heels of their recent single Hit It With You which was played on JJJ, Double J, ABC radio, 4ZZZ, KXFM and many other radio programs around the world

Swimsuit Issue go deep and dark with a moody alternative/indie rock track in This Is The End. The song deals with grief and loss without the events that inspired the lyrics actually eventuating.

A reverb-drenched, dreamy rhythm section drives the song, without meandering, while mysterious, chiming indie guitar provides a sharpened, almost-sinister feel. 80s-inspired synths provide a stormy musical atmosphere under vocalist Danny Mann’s lazy swoon, with saxophone providing new wave-ish flourishes. It’s the kind of song you would imagine cuing the end credits of a sci-fi noir movie.

Of the song, Danny describes it was inspired by an incredibly vivid, disturbing dream, which upon waking brought feelings of heavy loss. “It was 3am and having not being able to get back to sleep due to this heavy dream, I stayed up and wrote this song while still in an emotional state. It is basically about looking back at times I’ve had, reminiscing, and coming to terms with losing someone (in that dream). We’ve all had those dreams where it becomes hard to distinguish between reality and what our brains make up, so I used that state of dreary-eyed confusion to fuel this song,” he said.

This Is The End stays with Danny’s vision of having the majority of the song stay the same course, with dynamics being provided with extra instrumentation such as the synths and saxophone.  The dream-like tones reflect the frame of mind Danny was in when initially bringing the song to life.

The bulk of This Is The End was recorded at Paperbark Recording Studio with production under Alex Rottier, mixed by Tyrone Bain, with guest saxophone being  provided by Ash Hutton.

This Is The End is the last single to come from Swimsuit Issue before their debut full-length album, ‘Burn for the Buzz’ releases in mid-July 2021.

You can stream This Is The End on all major platforms now.

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