TEENAGE JOANS Share New Video For ‘Wine’ From Their Debut EP ‘Taste Of Me’

Photo Credit: Samuel Graves

Cahli and Tahlia know their way around a classic pop hook, and they pack as many fist-in-the-air, lighters-aloft moments as possible into the five songs on their debut EP”–The A.V. Club

“A thrilling formal introduction to their cathartic, bittersweetpop-punk,.”-NME

Joan of Arc? Joan As Police Woman? Joan Jett? Any of these Joans, and all of them, have theunrepentant, independent spirit that sustains the indie-punk vibe of Teenage Joans.”-Audiofemme

Teenage Joans, the Adelaide, South Australian two-piece (Tahlia Borgand, Cahli Baker) have shared the new video for Wine. It’s the latest single from their debut EP, ‘Taste Of Me,’ out now and follows previous singles from the EP, Ice Cream and Something About Being Sixteen, which Rolling Stone said was “their biggest and most accomplished song to date”.

The video for Wine which premiered on FLOOD was directed by Jack Bielby and Thomas Schaefer. It sees the band conceptualise the themes behind each EP track in heavily stylised settings. Switching from a British boarding school to a wedding band after-party vibe, the directors shot the band performing in each set up.

Cahli describes the inspiration behind the video: “Since Wine is the closing track to the EP, and our favourite song off ‘Taste Of Me’, we wanted to showcase the whole EP through different aesthetics. The scene where we are chasing an ice cream truck represents Ice Cream. Chasingthe truck was our way of showcasing the song’s meaning of trying to keep up when life movestoo fast. The table scene in the beginning has an apple pie on it (Apple Pie), The therapist’s office is Therapist. We played nonchalantly in the scenes, showcasing each song’s metaphor of not listening when people tell you to change. Finally, the hall scene represents Wine. We played in an empty room post-party, trying to showcase the song’s meaning of when things come to a bittersweet end.”


After taking out the Triple j Unearthed High crown in 2020, the duo have not slowed down, playing two sold out co-headline shows in Brisbane and Melbourne with TOWNS in January. They have already shared stages (and made lifelong friends with) the likes of Dune RatsThe ChatsBugsRuby FieldsDear Seattle to name just to name a few. The band have supported the one and only Amy Shark on a national tour. Because of the COVID-19 outbreakthis weekend’s dates in Adelaide and Perth are rescheduled to September. Alongside, their national headline tour in July will now be rescheduled to a later time, more information forthcoming. 

EP Artwork: Samuel Graves 


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