PARIS IRWIN Shares Heartfelt Tribute To Lost Friend ‘Alex’

Paris Irwin is a soulful singer songwriter who strives to infatuate your soul with soaring harmonies, pulsating bass and lush lyricism. She’s bringing this fire to deliver her devastatingly beautiful new track Alex, a song dedicated to her late friend Alex Seccombe. Paris remembers her mate as someone who radiated generosity and warmth – so Alex is an encapsulation of just that. You can listen to the gorgeously passionate tune from June 25th.

All recording was done in Brisbane by producer and artist Henry Feki (Feki) in his home studio and mastering by Paul Blakely at Cutting Masters. To make the sentiment of the song so much more, the guitar riff is the actual recording of a composition by Alex that he had written and recorded before his passing. All guitar on the tune is from that original sound clip, completely unedited, with Paris saying- Last year, my friend Alex Seccombe reached out to me and asked if I would sing over a chord progression he had composed. As soon as I heard it I said yes because the melody was so intoxicating and he was such a skilled musician. As time went on and life got in the way we never got around to recording together. Three months later he passed away and when his family found out I had a recording of him playing they asked if it was possible I try and make a song out of it.”

Alex is a ballad packed with positivity and admiration, tributing those in our lives who are so talented at making us feel loved, without ever trying. It’s about individuals who are intrinsically and unequivocally kind, the people who you know are doing the right things for the right reasons. It is these people who deserve the spotlight, so that is exactly what Paris aims to do with this song, saying “I designed every lyric specifically to detail the depth of his heart. In turn, this song is about any person you may know that makes you feel ‘warm’. He was too good at making you feel like you’re someone nice to meet.”

It also aims to shine light on the unsuspecting and often vindictive nature of mental illness. She says, “Let’s normalise checking in, hugging your friends and admitting when we’re not okay. That is what this song is about and what I want it to encourage.”

Seccombe‘s family loved the result of Paris‘ efforts, with his mother Vicki saying, “[She] took the music Alex wrote and worked tirelessly in the days after his death to create this song. We see it as the most amazing gift, and we are forever thankful. She presented this song to us the day before Alex’s funeral – it is so perfect. She captured all the warmth and the beauty that was Alex. And amongst all the perfect production, the magnificent voice, and the great lyrics we can still hear our boy playing his guitar in his room – happy and proud of the riff he had created.”

Paris Irwin is a 22 year-old zany singer-songwriter from Brisbane who has been composing music since she was just three years old. First bursting onto the scene in 2018 with a Triple J Unearthed upload Mute Me that immediately shot her to the top of their charts and sitting in the number one position for over six weeks straight. Shortly thereafter she released her debut single I Will Follow You (covering Death Cab for CutiesI Will Follow You Into The Dark) which has now amassed over 300,000 streams. In the two years that followed Paris collaborated with Brisbane finest such a Feki and Paces who both praised her quick wit and raw talent. Now in 2021, Paris Irwin is set to release more fiery singles which will hope to tantalise the public even more-so than ever.

Alex Seccombe’s guitars that he kept on the wall, including the specific guitar and amp used to play on Alex. The instruments now hang on the wall of his brother’s room.




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