PREMIERE: MACKENZIE GRACE Releases Debut EP ‘Shelter In The Rain’

Photo Credit: Hayley Hatton

Brisbane singer-songwriter Mackenzie Grace’s debut EP ‘Shelter In The Rain’ is set to be released on July 1st but we have your early preview right here!

The collection of 5 songs, including her two initial singles Bitter and Gold, features a variety of styles and techniques that perfectly captures Grace’s range in writing and performance. With folk and traditional elements in tracks like Pick And Choose, and cascading vocal harmony in Serendipity, this collection is centred around storytelling. You can hear the passion in her vocals as she sings about her experiences and stories she has drawn from others. Grace wrote the oldest songs on the EP when she was just 14 and has been writing since long before then, now at 17 she is excited to share her music with the world.

“Since I was little I’ve been performing any chance I got and writing music about my experiences as a young person. I’m seventeen now and graduating high school at the end of this year, and to me this EP really feels like it encapsulates my musical style in high school, youthful and feminine, with hints of what could be to come in the next few years.” Mackenzie Grace

The 5 songs on the EP are all produced and mixed by Brisbane musician and producer Byron Short from the band Sunset Junkies. His touch can be heard in the lush arrangement of harmonies and instrumentals, and his guitar and bass skills.

“Mackenzie came into the studio with a handful of beautiful songs and a very clear idea of how she wanted them to sound on record. Together we worked to realise her vision and I’m very proud to have brought this collection of songs into the world with Mackenzie. She’s a wonderful talent and the sky’s the limit for her.” Byron Short (Sunset Junkies).

Grace will be holding a launch concert, her first ever headlining performance, at the Sandgate Bowls Club on the 17th of July. The show will feature talented young support artists including Ella Jones and Josh Crawford. Starting at 6:30pm the night will be full of passionate young performers playing their original music, so be sure to come down! 


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