MEMORY CASTLES Release Daring New Single ‘Money’ Ahead Of Debut EP

“So much energy! Fun, pumping and raw. I can only imagine the live show you guys put on!” – Corynne Tait, Triple J

“Intense throwback vibes to an era where the haircuts were as angular as the guitars.” – Dave Ruby Howe, Triple J

“It can be seen as a classic emo, pop-punk track but it takes things a little further than that.” – AAA Backstage

“It’s a manic, emo-punk anthem” – Hysteria Mag

Known for their hunger for dramatics and craving for chaos, Adelaide pop-rock outfit Memory Castles have followed up their recent release Burning Down with a delightfully dysfunctional new single Money (out June 25), ahead of their debut EP ‘Pretty Monsters’ out July 23.

With a growing collection of recent releases under their belt, Memory Castles have been working flat out to deliver their wicked mix of indie-rock, emo-punk and hyperpop, with self-deprecating lyrics, frenzied guitars and a relentless energy that speaks to anyone who has ever rocked an iconic scene kid side-fringe.

Now, new single Money sees Memory Castles at their most captivating, adding some spice to their already daring sound with erratic tempos and intriguing sound layering techniques. 

Money kicks off with an infectious bassline, topped with a simple percussion sequence and frontman Jesse Cumes’ playfully warped vocals, before exploding into a racing chorus featuring overpowering distorted guitars and an instantaneously catchy lyrical hook. The heart-quickening pace introduced by the chorus remains as hyperpop synth percussion elements and multiple crunchy electric guitar riffs keep everyone on their toes throughout the second verse. 

Yet, Money still manages to reach another level of insanity within the song’s final third, delivering controlled chaos via repeated choruses infused with additional synth layers and building riffs.

As with their previous releases, Cumes continues to draw on his personal struggles with mental illness and its impact on his life and relationships in his songwriting. This is further explored within Money, which was written about the anxieties that can arise when dating someone. Cumes explains: “Money is essentially about being desperately insecure and anxious when dating someone. It’s about the fear of being a disappointment or not good enough for your partner whilst at the same time pushing them away through your own insecurity, a self-fulfilling prophecy aided by mental illness, self-destructive behaviour and self-deprecating humour.”

Money is out on June 25
Memory Castles debut EP ‘Pretty Monsters’ on July 23


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