LIYAH KNIGHT Returns With ‘Moon Baby’

Sydney based singer songwriter Liyah Knight today celebrates the release of her first single Moon Baby out now through The Orchard. Liyah wrote Moon Baby with Australian singer-songwriter Diesel, with the video also out now. 

Moon Baby, produced by Mark Lizotte and Mo Komba, is about “Meeting someone, loving someone, the euphoria, the excitement, the giddiness. Moon Baby is the early stages of allowing someone to be the epicentre of your mind and heart,” explains Liyah. 

“Midnight silhouette;
Your presence has no parallel,
Commence in my dreams when you leave
like you never left”

Mark (DIESEL) sent me three different demos one night. I heard this one and immediately recorded the hook. Once we finished writing the song, I worked closely with IAMMXO to bring it to its final state. It’s the perfect bridge from the end of ‘NESTING‘, to the beginning of ‘TRAVELLERS GUIDE’. Picking up where we left off on Somebody, You.”

Moon Baby, which will feature on her upcoming EP ‘TRAVELLER’S GUIDE’ due out on September 24th, follows on from her amazing 2020 EP release ‘NESTING; which received plenty of love across the board from DSPs, triple j unearthed and community radio and featured Tipsy.

Fusing a multiple of genres to create a unique listening experience, tracks from the project have been streamed over 1 million times and led to Liyah being named in lists of 2021 artists to watch by triple j unearthed and Coup De Main. 

With the ‘NESTING‘ journey now come to an end, it’s time for Liyah to remove the layers and explore the journey of being open to the unfamiliar with ‘TRAVELLERS GUIDE’. The EP’s narrative is loosely based on Kelley and Conner’s Emotional Cycle of Change. Upon changes, researchers found a predictable cycle of emotions to occur. This is a journey of being the traveller and the guide simultaneously. Through exploration, we find new sides to ourselves.

Born in Sydney, Australia to an Australian-Italian mother and Nigerian father, Liyah has been writing music for a little over three years.

In her own words, Liyah explains “So, I’ve opened up, I’ve removed the layers, and I’ve let somebody in. Now what? Following my debut EP ‘NESTING’, ‘TRAVELLERS GUIDE’ explores the journey of being open to the unfamiliar; Once we strip back our layers, we are ultimately allowing ourselves to be vulnerable and to be open to new experiences. In this instance, that new experience is love. Love is exciting, love is multidimensional, and love is enlightening. Sonically and visually this project takes the shape of a long hike on an unfamiliar path eventually leading to the ocean; The most powerful and calming force of nature.”

From collaborating with Peking Duk on ABC TV’s The Set, to support shows with the likes of Budjerah, May-A and Milan Ring, and with an upcoming performance at Festival of the Sun, Liyah is a real artists’ artist with her star on the ascent.

The ‘TRAVELLER’S GUIDE’ EP sees Liyah teaming up with the likes of Diesel, Tasker, IAMMXO,  Garret Kato and Penny Pariah, NZ Producer HazKorky Buchek and Cyrus to explore a  journey that opens with naivety and vulnerability, passes through different perspectives before arriving at a deeper understanding of the self.

Moon Baby is out now through The Orchard

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