EDGAR HURLEY Announces Debut Album + East Coast Tour

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“This seemingly light yet melancholy slow burn beauty is accompanied by a bracing music video, falling hand in hand with the tracks raw and comforting DIY approach to an intimate showcase of experience and emotion.” Grain Magazine

Brisbane boutique label 4000 Records are excited to announce the debut album from local folk / singer-songwriter Edgar Hurley. ‘The Blame Needs A Place’ is a 13-track expedition through whimsical story-telling, youthful instrumental playfulness, vulnerable self-reflection and quirky tongue-in-cheek lyricism.

Under the Edgar Hurley moniker, Jordan Wearn creates delicate yet complex compositions elevated by a lyrically-driven delivery which is unique but familiar in many ways.

Hailing from the sleepy harbour town of Portsmouth in England and having settled in Brisbane since 2013, Jordan has been writing and releasing music as Edgar Hurley since early 2020. Having initially graced the Brisbane music scene as Milow Pye with the wonderful, self-produced album ‘These Are Private Words Addressed To You In Public’ in 2018, Jordan returns with a more mature, yet still spirited and wholly endearing release in ‘The Blame Needs A Place’.

The album was made slowly. Quickly. At a medium pace. Stitched together the very same way. It started with Jordan sitting in front of two vocal microphones with his classic nylon in the studio (a lovely retreat in Camp Valley) and playing a song for (producer, band friend, engineer) Demetry Malahoff. 

From there onwards, partnered alongside Demetry, the two would sit and construct and build a more rounded “song” around those live recordings. Mostly withholding and keeping in the natural room sounds of the cabin-esque studio and the mountain valley that surrounded it. Dogs. Birds. A train. Some sounds you can hear but can’t quite make out. Though you’ll know they are there.

The songs were born bare, if you will, and slowly dressed at their own speed, unrushed, organic. 

Once fully realised, the record was sent to Melbourne for mastering by Jessi Lumbar (Blisstake / Sex On Toast).

The songs featured on this record are extracts taken from Edgar Hurley’s book of poetry ‘You Gave Me A Lily and Now It’s A Field’ and past journal entries from the space between 2017-2021.

Primarily a folk record, ‘The Blame Needs A Place’ takes on many forms and characters during its 34-minute run time. It showcases a vast range of mood and emotion, from heartbreaking despair to utter untethered joy.

Watch ‘The Blame Needs A Place’ Mini-Doco

Jordan has a knack for completely enveloping you into his world,” says John Russell (4000 Records). “The album is an emotional rollercoaster, riding the lowest lows of lost love and despair and the soaring heights of utter whimsy and unbridled joy.”

Edgar Hurley’s, ‘Edgar and the Hurleys’ album tour, kicks off at Can You Keep A Secret? in Brisbane on August 25th, continuing on to Sydney for a debut show at The Giant Dwarf Theatre in Surry Hills on September 2nd, then fingers and toes are crossed for a Melbourne date to be cleared in the very near future. Before returning to Brisbane for a huge, as-yet-unannounced mini-festival at The Brightside on September 25th. 

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Edgar Hurley

The Blame Needs A Place Tour Dates


Ticket Info


August 25th
Can You Keep A Secret?
with support from Sebya

September 2nd
The Giant Dwarf Theatre 
Surry Hills
with support from Sebya and Kiri

with support from Sebya and Al Speers

September 25th
The Brightside
Fortitude Valley

Edgar Hurley

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