VON HAZELER Release New Music Video For ‘Rolling Stoner’

Sunshine Coast’s Von Hazeler bring an over-the-top nod to live televised performances with new music video for Rolling Stoner.

The brave and geeky trio that is Sunshine Coast’s Von Hazeler are unashamedly nostalgic for classic live music performances, and this shows on their new music video for their latest single.

Invoking memories of live performances on Recovery and Pepsi Live, Von Hazeler bring all the amped up cheese to support their indie rock Australiana; from super-enthusiastic fans, the sunglasses on stage, and the token stage dive-into-crowd surf moment.

It’s all exaggerated, and that’s the point. With the world ever-so serious (and sanitised), Von Hazeler aim to inject just a little bit of fun and hijinks back in to our lives.

Rolling Stoner was filmed on location at Norton Guitar Factory (seriously, that wall of amps actually exists AND works) by videographer Ben Knibb over one day involving many takes, many beers, and much laughing.

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