GIG REVIEW: Jollee + Humblet + Zooid, O’Skulligans, 18/06/2021

Words: Tracey Moyle {Music Maven}

Friday night and Brisbane’s music scene was buzzing with class acts playing at packed out venues scattered about the heart of the city’s live music outlet, ‘The Valley’. From chart topping bands to well-loved local legends there was something for everyone and anyone heading out to experience live music in and around the inner city suburb.

On this chilly Friday, Good Call Live’s Music Maven, Tracey Moyle was at popular Dive Bar, O’Skulligans, a self-confessed ‘rock n roll lounge bar with a hint of the Irish’. But tonight there was nothing Irish, just pure loud and local rock. The three bands on tonight’s bill offered more variety than a Sizzler salad bar. From classic psychedelic, to Aussie flavoured alternative punk through to a big dose of heavy rockin’ blues. Tonights line-up was ready to amp up and reaffirm to the live music hungry patrons, that our local music scene is simply one of the country’s best.

The night’s gathering had bluesy rockers, Jollee headlining, launching their new single Doorman. They brought party rockers Humblet and musical time machine Zooid along for the ride. Each band with their own brand of rock but all with that local flavour that gives it an familiar edge.

Jollee had the perfect support to rev up the crowd giving the early punters some raw energy to carry on through the night.

As the crowd slowly trickled in Gold Coast fuzz infused, garage rockers Zooid, opened up with a blast of heavy psychedelic energy. Zooid are Tom Fairlie (guitar) Mike Hamilton (guitar/vox) Boden Wild (drums) and Marcus Papantoniou (bass). Their sound carries a big nod to classic ’60s and ‘70s progressive, psych and heavy rock. Pink Floyd vibes seems to fuel their soul and alongside a Black Sabbath heaviness, the band set an epic buzz flowing from one track to another. 

They opened with Lungs showcasing the bands musical prowess setting the tone for the night. A mélange of guitars, bass and drums cascading from one mind bending track to the next. They peel it back with Take The Ride capturing pure essence of The Doors and Cream interwoven with their own alternative spin. I feel a laid back Dope Lemon vibe with the track as well. I’ve had this track on repeat for days now. Their track Yawns has such a big Pink Floyd vibe, it feels like you’ve just found a long-lost hidden track on ‘The Wall’. They finish the set with thunderous drums rolling through My Mind leaving all in the room keen for what’s to come.

You know the fun is going to continue when Humblet hit the stage. Like the long-lost illegitimate cousin of Frenzal Rhomb and The Chats, Humblet take the crowd through a set of tracks telling classic tales taken from life in general. Opening with the banger Not Coming In Monday they take a hardcore stance with shades of the early days of grunge. Full of attitude and ferocity they play through tracks PC Police, Dropkick and Welcome To Australia.Their recent addition of bass, with vocalist Nick Humblet changing from additional guitar, has given their sound more depth with their Aussie pub rock vibe carrying a big ‘90s alternative sound. Playing music for pure enjoyment’ should be the bands motto.

Creating songs based around everyday life is a finely crafted skill and Humblet are masters. They play out their set with Bottle of Red Wine, simple but whacked a punch, (much like a bottle of red wine) putting their last surge of energy into Can’t Cope. A heap of new tracks were are big hit with the growing crowd. No doubt we will be seeing more of Nick, Mitchell and Stevie as they bring fun and mayhem back into our live music scene.  

A quick reset and Jollee show up front and centre with dynamic frontwoman Brooke Mowett rocking her purple flared pants and a rock chick attitude. They open the set with fan favourite White Woman Wasted, rocking O’Skulligans, drawing the crowd in from the street. The band got down and bluesy with I Want You, showing off the vocal powerhouse of the lead songstress. The band are tight and flow together like they’ve played a thousand shows.

You can’t be at a Jollee gig without feeling a part of it and Gypsy Man is the perfect track to draw in the crowd. Mowett’s lone vocals pack a punch opening up the song, the crowd clapping her in. Mowett brings in the music with a killer, rock riff before guitarist Luke Hietamäki joins in, amping up the volume. Hard and heavy, backed up with commanding vocals, the song rocked the roof off the dive bar.

The band brought out a set list of new tracks starting with alternative/grunge vibe in Mum Thinks I’m An Alien. A crisp electric surge opens up Grow, Brooke losing the guitar, owning the dance floor, revving up the crowd. She keeps the focus on her vocal with Night Owl, before she’s back on the guitar in full rock mode with 50 Foot Woman.

Hietamäki makes his guitar sing with the focus track of the single launch Doorman. The new single is a belter with a perfectly formed and incredibly catchy rock hook. Mowett has the room captivated, not just with her powerful rock vocals filling the room, but her facial expressions perfectly emphasising the lyrical yarn she’s spinning. The band are almost done, with the new track well received and the night closes off with a cover of Led Zepplin’s Rock and Roll. A perfectly chosen track from one of Brisbane’s most dynamic rock bands.

Friday night at O’Skulligans was testament to the raging talent we have working their arses off every week. Bands play because they have to. Music moves through their veins. It’s in their blood. Music lovers seek out live gigs to nourish their heart and soul. It’s symbiotic. So next time you see any of the above mentioned bands on a bill somewhere, in one of our dedicated music venues, head out, support the bands, support the venues, feed your passion and keep out live music scene not just alive, but thriving.

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