Fremantle Indie Rockers FIGUREHEAD Return With New Single ‘On Repeat’

“Can see this one at a festival – people singing along while thinking about their own life. it’s simple, catchy rock.”
Triple J, Declan Byrne

“Classic indie pop with a sweet textured voice that’ll sit just right on everyone’s taste buds.”
Triple J, Claire Mooney

“Catch AF and tight as a treasurer’s purse string in the middle of a financial crisis.”
RTRFM, Pete Barr

With new single On Repeat, Fremantle five piece Figurehead are cracking open a brand new chapter for themselves as a group. 

They’re part of West Australia’s current wave of young artists adding their own unique flavour to the country’s indie rock tapestry; On Repeat serves as an introduction to East Coast newcomers and for those playing at home, a reminder of the talents at play. In recent years, the band has been thriving off their expansion as a live unit, using what opportunities were available in 2020 to road test new music and prepare for a new year of music goodness.

Which brings us here: a three and a half-minute blissed out ride, indie rock built on a foundation of groove, melody and sun-kissed vibes. On Repeat explores feelings of paranoia and entrapment, particularly ‘those that manifest themselves whilst under the influence of psychedelic substances.’

“The main riff that initiated the song was the first thing I played when I picked up my new Fender Telecaster and the lyrics followed. The song initially had a longer run time and a different structure, but the short poppy skeleton of the song was in part, the vision of Dave Parkin of Blackbird Studios, who produced the song.”Figurehead, Joe Caddy

For the On Repeat music video, Figurehead linked up with Cooper Gordon and Ashleigh Hunter  (Gordonco Visuals) to collaborate. Filmed at Perth’s Johnny Ma Studio, the On Repeat video definitely captures the off-kilter dreamlike vibes the song itself produces. “They [Cooper and Ashleigh] were super organised and smashed it out in a day, including Joe having to get into a cold swimming pool for the underwater shots. Cooper and Joe had a clear vision for the video and the chemistry between the two was obvious.”Figurehead

Figurehead have developed consistently since their inception into a formidable young force on the West Australian music scene. 

Forming in high school, then hitting the ground running with music as their priority straight out of it, the band had their first major breakthrough in 2018, where their single Ear To Lend won the WAM Song of The Year Award. The same single was also nominated for Best Indie/Alternative Rock Song at the 2019 Independent Music Awards, held in New York.

And now, with their lineup and direction ready and raring to go for 2021, Figurehead can’t wait to be back on live stages, getting more new music out to the masses.

On Repeat is out now!


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