ATTICUS CHIMPS Tackle Australian Bushfire Response + Environmental Ignorance with ‘Misery’

Three months to the day since their most recent release, Gold Coast duo Atticus Chimps follow-up with environmentally-focused Misery


Fuelled by the bedlam ensuing the 2020 Australian bushfires, Misery sparks a conversation about conservation, Australia’s ‘ecological collapse’, and our government’s response. 

Hailing from Mount Tamborine, lead vocalist-guitarist Sam Bray and drummer Daniel Briffa are cozily familiar with our lush Australian landscapes and use their punk voice to amplify more sensitive topics.  

This time around, the Chimps encapsulate our attention through Briffa‘s underlaying percussive hypnosis, while Bray’s pleading punk vocals and “here we go again” hook highlight society’s failure to learn from our environmental ignorance.   With an anthemic and angsty sound from start to finish, belligerent scream breaks in the bridge, and racing guitar and drums, Misery makes for sonic and political turbulence. 

Since their formation in 2016, Atticus Chimps have supported some of Australia’s favourite rock and punk collectives; ButterfingersThe ChatsThe Dead LoveBaltimore Gun Club, and more, as well as Britpop legends Ash.  With plays across Triple JTriple J Unearthed, community radio, and over 10k Spotify streams, the band’s boasts of future “detonation” and “critical mass” may not be far-fetched after all.


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