Trust In NICOLE MCKINNEY’s Emotionally Empowering Debut EP ‘The Process’

Stay & Another Day premiered via Triple J

“What a sweeping, emotionally charged gem! if you like the way Middle Kids make you feel then you better fill your life with Nicole McKinney ASAPPPPP.” 4 / 5 Stars (Declan Byrne, Triple J)

“The amount of emphasis and purpose that Nicole puts behind those four little letters is something else. Stay, she entreats. It’s powerful and passionate. I felt it.”
4 / 5 Stars (Dave Ruby Howe, Triple J)

“It’s a slow, aching song” (NME)

“A feverish outpouring of love and longing, anger and anguish.” (Atwood Magzine)

Nicole McKinney, a connoisseur of empowering and vulnerable indie/ folk-rock music, has been making a strong impression during the first half of this year, delivering emotionally charged songs that have been paving the way for the highly-anticipated release of her debut EP ‘The Process’, out June 11.

Able to transform emotional wounds into meaningful indie magic, McKinney uses her piercing vocals and exposed songwriting to create music that leaves an impact, demonstrated within this four-track EP which delves into the complexities of processing pain, grief and anger. McKinney speaks more on the inspiration behind ‘The Process’: “I hope this EP can comfort a broken heart, inspire someone to leave toxic friends or partners and most of all, ensure patience with our own healing process.”

Opening The Process’ is Another Day where McKinney immediately rips off the emotional band-aid as her poignant storytelling conveys her grief over simultaneously losing a loved one and friendship group. The combination of McKinney’s tender vocals atop the sweeping folk-rock arrangement of guitars, keys and drums creates a dynamic, compelling song that gets the EP off to a strong and promising start.

The slow-burning surge of Stay follows and McKinney’s unguarded vocals simmer with the conflicting feelings of bitterness and dependency that arise during a breakup. Building to an infectious lyrical hook, Stay reflects the undeniable pain and exhaustion McKinney experienced during her emotional inner-war, as she pours out her heart over a rising instrumental melody and a floating guitar riff.

Next, the stripped-back strum of an electric guitar signals the empowering track Process You (Like A Death), an angry breakup anthem seething with McKinney’s bold voice as she is consumed by rage and guilt. Carrying a lot of weight and plenty of emotional baggage, this track sees McKinney try to move through the anger to accept the devastating loss; embodying all of the themes explored in the EP.

The stunningly haunting Takotsubo closes out the EP. McKinney leaves herself utterly exposed as she approaches her ex with vulnerable and confronting questions that may never receive an answer. McKinney’s gift for storytelling is undeniable in this track as her beautifully raw vocals wheel and soar until there is nothing left to say.

Nicole McKinney’s previous releases leading up towards this EP release have seen buckets of praise from the likes of theMusicNMEAtwood MagazineTriple JDouble JTriple J UnearthedABC RadioAU ReviewScenestrBroaderlines4ZZZ and more.

The debut EP ‘The Process’ is out worldwide on June 11.

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