LARSEN Serve Up A Feast In ‘Eating Me Alive’ Music Video

Image Credit: Samuel Graves

Larsen have just spent the last month touring on the back of their explosive alt-rock single Eating Me Alive (released April 16) and before wrapping their tour up, they are serving up a final feast with the accompanying music video.

This turbulent track boasting big layers of electric guitars and angst-inducing lyrics is a song that has seen the band come into their own as songwriters and has set up what is to come in the coming months.

To pair with the surging track, Larsen show their less serious side as they stuff their faces and bash out a performance. Producer Katrina Penning‘s intent was to use food as a representation for the state of the mind of the band – “you are what you eat”. Penning states:

“In relation to the song I wanted to showcase the chase for “completeness”, but I also wanted it to be fun and a bit silly. So with inspiration from the “eating me alive” line I thought I’d get the band to stuff their guts, and have a noodle picnic as their triumph!”

Larsen’s music video for Eating Me Alive is out Friday, June 11. Wrapping up their tour, they have shows in Tasmania on June 11 in Launceston and June 12 in Hobart.

Listen to/download Eating Me Alive HERE


‘Eating Me Alive’ Tour

June 11 – The Gunners Arms, Launceston
June 12 – The Brisbane Hotel, Hobart

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