David M. Western Shares Single ‘Blue Eyes Red’ + Announces Debut Album

Quietly commanding singer songwriter David M. Western returns with another explorative sound from his debut album, on new single Blue Eyes Red. After announcing his emergence from creative incubation last year with the genesis coming-of-age tale Instant LifeDavid M. Western has continued to impress new and returning fans alike with his seasoned musicianship and ongoing interrogation of what it means to be a songwriter. David’s 2021 follow up, Take Your Opportunities further developed the young artist’s distinct reflective poeticism, evolving from a favoured one-to-watch to a certified frontliner of Australian indie-folk. Now, David is thrilled to reveal the third chapter in his newfangled songwriting journey with latest single Blue Eyes Red and announce his long awaited debut LP ‘Child Mind’ will be released independently at the changing of the seasons on Thursday 26 August. 

Out today via Believe, Blue Eyes Red pits two opposing inner voices against each other. Blue Eyes Red hears frustration of not fitting in alongside a voice trying to calm and appeal to compassion. David M. Western’s wonderfully incessant lyricism is fuelled by his bandmates, Joe Orton on lead guitar and piano, Tom Fraser on bass, Jess Elwood on drums, as an argument builds and consumes the domestic setting of David’s head. As with David’s previous singles, Blue Eyes Red continues to musically tread on new ground, projecting ‘Child Mind’ as one of 2021’s most intriguing independent releases.

“I had wanted to write a song that just kept building. Whenever I felt it heading towards a new section of the song, I needed the next part to continue accumulating in energy and a sense of implosion. I was thinking of Crying by Roy Orbison or Thunder Road by Bruce Springsteen. Sometimes I forget that this song doesn’t really have a chorus. I don’t think it needed that verse/chorus form, because it has a concept that it honours.” – David M. Western

With a handful of recently released music accumulating under his name, David M. Western is gearing up for a big year with the approaching release of ‘Child Mind‘. David looks to grow his audience and play shows across Australia with established artists in 2021 sharing his new sound and welcoming an impressive live band. David has been widely praised for his work by his peers, receiving airplay on Australian radio staples Double J, Triple J, Triple R plus other various community radio stations, and has already shared stages with some of Australia’s most cherished acts including Julia Jacklin, Spacey Jane, Mimi Gilbert and Asha Jeffries. Keep an ear to the ground for upcoming David M. Western live shows and be sure to dive into the expansive sounds of ‘Child Mindin the lead up to its release this August.

Child Mind’ album is out Thursday 26 August 
Blue Eyes Red single is out now. Listen Here

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