LUCY FRANCESCA DRON Unveils New EP ‘Leftovers’

Brisbane-based songstress Lucy Francesca Dron has been turning heads with her genre-defying style and compelling storytelling, her most recent singles What Is Next? and Liquid Numbing Pain paving the way for highly-anticipated EP ‘Leftovers’ (released June 4).

Combining her enchanting fusion of indie-rock and lo-fi folk with her feathery jazz-style vocals, Dron has delivered an introspective coming-of-age journey in ‘Leftovers’, each of the five tracks representing a different stage of her transition into adulthood. Dron further explains:

“Leftovers is like a musical journal of my experience transitioning from a teenager to a young adult. Each song represents a piece of the journey, exploring themes of curiosity, anxiety, love, heartbreak and acceptance.”

Similar to a journey of self-discovery, the five tracks making up ‘Leftovers’ were once thought of as outcasts, not fitting into any of Dron’s other album concepts, until finding their rightful place within this contemplative EP as it cascades through each theme with sonic finesse.

Aptly opening the EP is What Is Next? (released in January 2021), a charismatic yet moody track about navigating the new experiences and pitfalls that arise when entering a new phase in life. Pulsing with an upbeat indie-rock energy that is underlain with grit and fire, What Is Next? contains contrasting elements of light and dark, reminiscent of the uncertainty and curiosity felt during transformative periods experienced during late adolescence.

Next is the soulful yet slightly disconcerting track Mirrors, initially stripped back to allow Dron’s captivating vocals to roam as she explores the heightened emotions caused by social anxiety. A mellow blend of guitar, keys and spattered drumming seems to juxtapose the fear that social anxiety can induce, until a heart-skipping tempo-change halfway through the track. Scattered sonic jumps prevent the song from ever becoming comfortable as Dron’s honeyed vocals continue their climb and descent.

With a change of pace, Take It From Me sits boldly in the heart of the EP as a lively rock-infused song bursting with anxiety, loss, love and curiosity. Dron’s impressive vocal range finds its peak in this track as it moves rhythmically through the verses, never staying in one place for too long. A swirling mix of electric guitar hooks, slinky riffs and warm cymbals bring an irresistible urgency to the track as it flows effortlessly through diverse emotions.

Lead single Liquid Numbing Pain arrives with heartbreaking consequences as Dron retells her experience of intense loss through pain-drenched songwriting dripping with dulcet indie-rock tones. Building incrementally with a slow-burning rage, Liquid Numbing Pain culminates in an outpouring of instrumental and vocal prowess within the elongated bridge,  before Dron makes an emotionally exhausted exit.

Closing out the EP is Epilogue, a seductive final track about acceptance. Like sipping on an aged whiskey in a dimly-lit jazz club, Epilogue delivers a smooth, smokey finish as Dron sings of new beginnings and transformation over richly languid guitar strumming and drum kit layerings.

Lucy Francesca Dron’s previous releases have received support from Triple JTriple J UnearthedtheMusicAAA Backstage, Australian Music SceneSomething You SaidScenestrLivewireAU and more. 

Lucy Francesca Dron’s EP ‘Leftovers’ is out worldwide from June 4.

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