FANGZ Fight The Good Fight Against Racism With New Single ‘Prove Me Wrong’

Following on from the warmly received release of Self Medicate, Sydney-based punk quartet FANGZ have today returned with their domineering new single Prove Me Wrong – produced by Stevie Knight (Yours TrulyStand AtlanticThe Dead Love), and mixed by James Paul Wisner (Hands Like HousesUnderoath).

Prove Me Wrong begins with the gripping vocals of frontman Josh Cottreau, rising persistently above a stridency of riveting guitars, intricate drums and gelling bass. The track crescendos into a roaring chorus, delivered with blistering passion and dynamic instrumentation that benevolently explores rhythmic technicality. Throughout the song’s progression, the redolent lyrics disclose an admirably challenging subject of attention.

Bassist and co-lyricist Jameel Majam talks about the meaning behind Prove Me Wrong:

“On the 25th of May 2020, George Floyd was murdered by police which sparked an uproar throughout the world. For the first time, I heard friends actually discussing and being confronted with world issues.

A close friend said, ‘I don’t see colour,’ which made me think, well, then you don’t see others experience or struggle. Another friend said, ‘The system is broken,’ instead of recognising the system isn’t broken; the system is working exactly as it was designed to. It eventually dawned on me 90% of our media is controlled by one person.

We’re taught to actively read the news growing up as that’s what ‘adults’ do and that is what ‘smart’ people do – but if we only ingest corporate media on a regular basis, then we will only be hearing one side of the story. We’re living in an age where we have the greatest access to knowledge ever – we can’t just accept everything we read. We must challenge everything, ourselves and our own perspectives.

This song was written based on the Malcolm X quote:

‘If you’re not careful, the newspapers will have you hating the people who are being oppressed and loving the people who are doing the oppressing.’”

Jameel comes from Indian / South African descent, with his father formerly involved with the African National Congress, who pushed for rights and freedoms, including full voting rights for black and mixed-race South Africans.

To coincide with the release, FANGZ will once again hit the road on an Australian East-Coast headline tour. The three-date tour will be held across July with performances in MelbourneSydney and Brisbane.

This continues on from selling out all shows on their Self Medicate tour, making appearances across NSW, ACT, VIC and QLD. In the live arena, FANGZ have sold out multiple headline shows and supported the likes of Comeback Kid (CAN), Cancer Bats (CAN), GyroscopeTotally Unicorn and Bare Bones.

Self Medicate was extensively supported by the likes of Australian radio stations triple jtriple j Unearthed4ZZZThe FactionSYN FM2SEREdge RadioThree D Radio and PBS FM. The track also received praise from online tastemakers ManiacsMusic FeedsHEAVY MagThe GuardianHysteria Mag and Wall of Sound.

In the coming weeks, FANGZ will unveil an accompanying music video for Prove Me Wrong.

Prove Me Wrong is available worldwide now


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