SARAH YAGKI Returns With Dose Of Lush Alt-Pop In ‘Can’t Hardly Lie’

“Her music is simultaneously raw and explorative; it’s rooted in pop, but reaches for wider…”
Happy Magazine

“Melding pop melodies with heartfelt lyricism, her ethereal voice soars enticingly over experimental electronic beats.”
Little Indie Blogs

“Emotional vibes on this one from Sarah. It’s put together pretty solidly with a steady-cruising production and some clean vocals.”
Triple J Unearthed, Dave Ruby Howe

Off the back of recent single Shared Eyes, singer songwriter Sarah Yagki is back with a fresh dose of goodness in Can’t Hardly Lie. It’s another step forward for the artist who has been dropping some gems through 2021, with Can’t Hardly Lie stepping up as one of her most assured and confident releases yet.

Melodic, fully fleshed out and mixing with some more production technique, Can’t Hardly Lie charts some great emotional range from Sarah as a vocalist. Earlier releases have seen her lean into some darker pop tones to relate a full spectrum of emotion from heartache to anger and rejuvenation. 

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Can’t Hardly Lie stands as a prime example of her talent to convey anger, bitterness and sharpness with love and heartbreak, striking a balance between both with natural ease.

“Can’t Hardly Lie is a track that I harnessed all my emotional energy, from love to pain to anger and regret, into a track and sculpted it to reflect this. It is, to date, my rawest song based on a personal experience in a relationship, and how I rediscovered and found my own sense of self and strength in it.”    
Sarah Yagki  

As with Shared Eyes, Sarah worked out of Obseen Recordings in Bowral NSW, with Klaus Hill on mastering duties. The material that came together through these sessions have come together in further defining Sarah’s whole artistic sound. Recently signing with Scott McKenzie and Premier Artists for bookings, we can expect to be seeing more from Sarah as live music continues to restart around the country.

 With more to come this year, Can’t Hardly Lie is another strong flex from the talented young songwriter.

Can’t Hardly Lie IS OUT NOW!

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