NOCTURNAL ANIMALS Drop Their Volatile Alt-Rock Single ‘Outside’

“The interjecting vocal yelps really brought this one to life. Living up to its name of fire and ice type too.” (Dave Ruby How, Triple J)

“A slowburn of an indie punk track, combining some really nice sonic elements! Can defs sense that Weezer influence, we love
to hear it.” 4 / 5 stars (Pip Rasmussen, Triple J)

“SFOS is sure to bring out the angst in every listener”(Hysteria Mag)

“A slow tempo, anthemic number that gives the parting middle finger salute to an ex-partner moving out.” (Heavy Mag)

“Nocturnal Animals pack a punch with their raw alt-rock/punk sound” (Aus Music Scene)

With their raw alt-rock/ punk sound, Adelaide’s Nocturnal Animals have been leaving impressions with their past releases and are releasing one of their most cathartic and explosive tracks to date in the new single Outside today.

For those unacquainted, the band emerged from the darkness with their debut single at the beginning of 2020 and have since released a total of 5 fiery singles – all of which have brought out that inner angst and middle finger salute.

Conjuring up more energy and raw rage, Outside has Nocturnal Animals blasting out a gritty, punk-rock track filled with crashing waves of guitars, slamming drums and chant-along melodies. 

The aggression and rage in the track push the underlying theme forward that is about being controlled and dictated in a relationship, ultimately leading to a breakpoint. Brandon Johnson states: “Outside is about being in a relationship where you feel constricted and claustrophobic.  Your partner controls and dictates what you can and can not do. You want to go left, she wants to go right. You want to break free like Troy Bolton but you’re stuck playing basketball.” 

Nocturnal Animals previous releases saw support from Hysteria MagAAA BackstagePunktuation MagHeavy MagThe FactionAus Music Scene, ScenestrMoody Music Blog, Eat This MusicRadio Adelaide3RRRidobi Radio and more. 

Outside is OUT NOW


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