DOMINIC BREEN Releases New Single ‘Under Your Sorrow’ + Announces Debut Album

Had this one well and truly planted in the head ever since first playing it. Tim Fitz’s production and pedal steel adds a great flavour. Dominic’s dozy Dylanesque delivery has such a classic feel about it too. Add a dose of longing on top of those melodies and you’ve cooked up one great song” 
Triple J, Richard Kingsmill 
“Dominic always has such a way with words, space and emotion. He’s got stories to tell and you believe every single word.”
Triple J, Declan Byrne
“What a gorgeous lilt, and then you bring in the slide guitar. A dream”.
Double J, Zan Rowe
“His is a name that has become synonymous with forward-thinking musicianship on the Australian scene.”
Tone Deaf, Tyler Jenke
“A true artist and songwriter. Every Dom Breen song has its own unique spirit.”
Tim Fitz, Middle Kids

Following on from the gorgeous James St Tonight, Sydney songwriter Dominic Breen returns with his most sweeping and epic track yet, new single Under Your Sorrow.
A prime example of his natural talents as a writer and performer, Under Your Sorrow shines thanks to spirited arrangement and an emotional delivery that has become a trademark of Dom’s over the last few years. 


As with previous Dominic Breen releases, Under Your Sorrow revels in striking melodies, depth in musical texture and heartfelt intent. 

“It’s got something to do with connection. Could be for a person, for a place or time that doesn’t exist yet, or for something that can’t exist anymore. I think in one essence, it’s a hearty, hopeful sing along and in another, an anti-hope song that says chance doesn’t exist and the only way you’ll ever get something is if you call out and fight for it.” – Dominic Breen

The song saw him collaborate again with co-producer/mixer Tim Fitz (Middle Kids). An easy and natural dynamic, the final product not only makes for an immersive listen, but a song that adds a new flavour to Breen’s growing body of work.
The opening track from his forthcoming debut album ‘Blue Volume’, to be released August 20th through Double Drummer, Under Your Sorrow is a beautiful indicator of what to expect from Breen’s first full length body of work.

Under Your Sorrow is out now via Double Drummer / Believe.
Debut Album ‘Blue Volume’ is out via Double Drummer / Believe on August 20th.

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