APATE Release New Single ‘Dancing On The Razor’s Edge’

Brisbane metalcore crew APATE have delivered their new single Dancing On The Razor’s Edge – the final piece of new music before their EP, ‘Rage’, drops on June 25 via Human Warfare.

Much like its predecessors Gasoline Anthem and Under My Skin, APATE’s latest single Dancing On The Razor’s Edge continues to smash through the boundaries of metalcore, delivering another cut that embraces both the genre innovation APATE are building their name on while retaining the nostalgia of early 2000s nu-metal.

Vocalist/guitarist Caleb Patch explains: “Dancing On The Razor’s Edge was the last song we sorted out. It’s super hooky and I think reflects how well we worked together in the studio after being crammed in there together for months. Lyrically it came from a place of uncertainty with where we were as a band before we got in the studio to record Rage. We knew music was what we wanted to do, but we felt stuck as a band and uncertain of our future. It’s a bit melancholic but shows a glimmer of hope. We weren’t even sure if this record would see the light of day, but as it all came together, we knew we had to put our all into music and give it the best shot we could.”

Growing into their patchworked sonic skin, APATE are a band who bleed out their experiences, with their songs reflecting a chaos of the mind. APATE‘s upcoming EP ‘Rage’ sees the collective advance even further, having honed their songwriting to create six tracks that serve an explosive catharsis for the band. A visceral warts and all insight to the darkest times of the co-frontmen, every emotion is thoroughly purged through cataclysmic song sections expertly produced by Sean Delander (Thy Art Is Murder) at Sledgehammer Studio.

On the live front, APATE recently completed a mini sold out east coast run, leaving a lasting impression on all in attendance, and will appear at Halloween Hysteria later this year.

 ‘Rage’ drops on June 25 via Human Warfare

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