Q&A’s: Natalie Pearson Takes Us Through Her New Feel-Good Bop ‘Strong Man’

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Looking for a song that makes you want to stomp your foot and dance as much as it makes you want to take total control of your romantic situation? Well, you can get all of that and much more with Natalie Pearson’s latest banger Strong Man. Mixing traditional country twang vocals and instrumental with the attitude of rock music, Pearson’s latest offering is nothing short of a masterpiece.

“Not everyone is destined for wedding bells and picket fences. Why settle down when things are just heating up?”

Says Pearson on the bop. Sticking her foot further into country/pop royalty, her latest offering is one you’re going to want to hit repeat on, again and again… and again! We were lucky enough to find some time in her busy schedule to chat to Natalie about everything Strong Man.

You’ve just released your latest single (and music video!) Strong Man. Can you take us through
what this song is about?

Strong Man, for me – is about not settling for what’s expected if you know in your heart of hearts that it’s just not what you want. All the bells and whistles and efforts to impress won’t last if it’s not the right path.

I really love the upbeat production style! Who are some of your biggest inspirations when it comes to producing your music? And how do these names come into play when you were discovering your sound?

I’ve come from a rock background so I’m definitely finding myself leaning into the pop-rock-country vibe more and more lately. I really love the edginess of Carrie Underwood, the fun of Kelsea Ballerini, and I’m diggin’ Cassadee Pope right now. I love listening to and being inspired by each artist’s unique sound that you instantly know is them. I definitely want to have my own instantly recognisable sound, and be in my own music space.

What are 3 of your all time favourite albums?

Alanis Morrisette – ‘Jagged Little Pill’Shania Twain – ‘Come on Over’and this one may surprise or not surprise you – Celine Dion – ‘Falling into You’. I’m a sucker for massive vocals.

You’ve recently played a bunch of shows and festivals alongside acts like Wolfe Brothers, Lee Kernaghan and Travis Collins. What performance would you consider the highlight of your career thus far?

Everytime I get to hit the stage is a highlight for me! But if I had to choose one that was the most fun, I would say my set at the Gympie Muster in 2019 in the Crow Bar. It was packed and the crowd were in such a vibe, it felt amazing! Bring on more festivals in 2021/2022!

If you could write a song with any artist, dead or alive, who would you choose?

Oooo this is tough! I’d love to be in the writing room with Dolly Parton or Michael Jackson.

This past year or so has really shaken up the music industry. How COVID-19 affected your career both positively and negatively? 

It’s definitely been a bit of both. The start was awful – I was a full time musician with a calendar full of cancellations. It was financially and emotionally stressful and I felt like I had no sense of purpose or structure. But the positive was having the space to re-assess the work life balance and realising that I was always hustling for gigs and didn’t really put enough time into self-care or a social life. Now that gigs are starting to come back I’m actually being choosy about which ones I think are worthwhile and also knowing my worth and not just taking any gig on. I have also really valued some true friendships over the period and surrounded myself with really great people who have my back like I have theirs.

There’s been lots of conversations in the Australian music scene recently about the treatment of women in the industry, As someone with such a prevalent name and powerful music, do you have any advice for any young women who want to make their space in the industry much like you have? 

Be in it for the long game if it’s your true passion. It’s not a race. The slow build is much more satisfying when you see how far you’ve come. And something I’m still trying to remind myself – don’t worry about what others think. One of my previous songs, Let Em Talk was a song about being yourself regardless.

Who are some of your favourite Australian acts right now?

Oh my gosh, there is actually so much talent here in Australia.
Hayley Jensen – her voice, omg. Plus she’s an absolutely beautiful human!
Hinterland are an awesome new band, really digging their vibes!
Travis Collins is just sensational, and I love the Wolfe Brothers.

What’s your best tip for keeping motivated in such a cut-throat industry?

I would say focus on building an audience of people who love who you are and what you do. Once you start to build a fan base, the rest will follow.

And finally, what can we expect next from Natalie Pearson?

More music in 2021, and a lot more band shows!

Strong Man is available now on all platforms!

Friday May 14th – Sunday May 16th
Regatta Hotel
Brisbane QLD
Friday August 6th
Ballina RSL (supporting Adam Eckersley and Brooke McClymont)
Ballina NSW
Sunday August 29th
Gympie Music Muster
Gympie QLD
Sunday 5th September
Black Bear Lodge (supporting Hayley Jensen)
Brisbane QLD
Saturday September 11th
It Takes Two – Cruisin’ Duets
Brisbane River QLD
Sunday October 3rd
VDM Fest,
Biloela QLD

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