EP REVIEW: Jack Botts – ‘Slow Mornings’

Words – Tracey Moyle {Music Maven}

Australian grassroots folk artist Jack Botts will release his new third EP ’Slow Mornings’ this Friday, June 4th, via UNIFIED Music Group.

The young singer-songwriter is fast becoming hailed as one of our shining talents within Australia’s fast-growing folk scene. With his music racking up over 14 million streams over the last few years, Botts has come a long way since his busking days around Byron Bay.

The album is a vulnerable offering of the past 18 months in Jack’s life. He captures moments in time and pulls the words straight from the heart. With songs about finding love, following dreams and separation through a world in lockdown, his songs all carry a feeling of hope. No matter the song’s tale, the music is uplifting. And that’s not just through his crisp, cheerful acoustic offering. His words sink in and lift you up. His naturally ingrained hopefulness pours out through his lyrics. His rosy take on life is infectious.

Jack is about to embark on a tour of our capital cities with his ‘Slow Mornings Australian Tour’ almost sold out. Kicking off in Adelaide on June 4th, the tour ends where his busking roots began in Byron Bay on June 27th.

‘Slow Mornings’ EP follows a common thread from beginning to end, sharing the emotions of being separated from someone you love when there is nothing you can do about the situation. It’s about following your dreams and having faith in the outcome. It’s about keeping your spirits high when there is no other choice. It’s knowing everything will be ok in the end.

The good feels flow from the opening track with the 2020 single, Hold You, a beautiful tale about finding someone you just don’t want to be without. This lyrical love note, combined with his uplifting acoustic flow, fills you full of positive vibes whether you went into the song feeling that way or not.

Southbound is one of two new tracks on the EP not yet released as singles. He keeps the chilled tones moving, painting a picture of a couple living out their wanderlust. “We don’t know where we’re gonna go, but it’s gonna feel like home”. The energy of Botts beautiful nature radiates through like the sonic equivalent to a warm sunny day.

In a recent interview with Good Call Live, Jack spoke about the songs and their positive effect, “There are happy bits about it, and sad bits about it but they all cross paths at some point. It wasn’t until I finished that I put all the track into a track-listing, and I was like, these all kinda actually go with each other right? It’s like a big story, or it’s like they’re all different little chapters.”
Read the full interview HERE.

Although the track-list was not originally conceived as chapters, it’s hard not to feel the common thread throughout the music. Jack went on to say, “I guess ‘Slow Morning’ EP is the first one where I’ve felt there’s a definite theme going on. All the songs kind of connect in their own little way, and they all cross paths at some point that’s definitely the same.” 

With his sincerity carrying through on the following four tracks, 18th Floor follows with a smooth tempo—Botts singing about following your dreams even if they take you in different directions. You can be stuck worlds apart through a pandemic but know it’s not forever, to always focus on what’s to come.

The sincerity in Jack’s vocals seeps through in the title track and latest single. Slow Mornings simply fills your soul with sunshine. The song carries a certain yearning. The lyrics are ‘felt’ as Botts pours his heart out with such beautiful vulnerability. “I guess going back to writing about personal stuff, it’s the perfect opportunity, and that has been my world the whole the last year and a half, just that longing and all that long-distance stuff. My world has just been gobbled up by that, so it’s hard to write about anything else when your whole world revolves around it.” he explained.

I’ve Got You was the first track released from this EP back in February 2020, covering the birth of a new relationship. The magic of knowing you have someone you just want to spend all your time with but having to be apart from each other temporarily. If you are feeling down, with someone you love travelling or working away from home, listen to this track. You’ll feel lighter doing so.

The final song, Tattoos, brings us more new music. It delves into having to dig deep. To keep your spirits up when you are so far away from someone you love. Getting by remembering better times, knowing that one day you will be making new memories again. “It will get better and it won’t be this hard, and I’ll be back home laying in your arms, watching you tracing around my tattoos.”

‘Slow Mornings’ is the EP we all need to listen to at least once a day to lift our spirits. Jack Botts is constantly proving himself as one of the countries most inspiring singers and songwriters. His ability to translate feelings into lyrics and music is a gift that he has chosen to share with fans around the country and, no doubt, the world.

‘Slow Mornings’ EP is out on all streaming services Friday 4th June.

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You can find out details on Jacks ‘Slow Mornings Australian Tour’ HERE.

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