Q&A’s: Gary Collocott Talks Us Through His Latest Release ‘Corrupted Young Mind’

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Citing inspirations like Tame Impala, Lime Cordiale and Catfish and the Bottlemen, Gary Collocott combines fun music with emotional lyrics to create a unique listening experience. The kind of artist who helps you dance through your feelings – good or bad. I first heard Gary in 2017 when he released his single Hey. An upbeat song celebrating a crush, Gary won the hearts of many, amassing almost 7,000 Spotify streams. He’s been releasing since 2017 when he debuted with single Right Man. Capturing the surf/indie rock spirit of the Queensland music scene with incredible storytelling, Gary is only at the beginning of a promising career.

Corrupted Young Mind starts with bouncy, reggae-inspired acoustic guitar over a gentle, driving drum beat, before the electric guitar is introduced. Catchy guitar solos gel the gaps in the music together beautifully, before the powerful choruses hit. “And you look at me, like I’m a waste of your time” he sings, as the instruments grow more frustrated and emotive alongside him. Alarm-like key synths circulate beneath the choruses, adding to the urgency and power of the emotions in the lyrics. The instruments all strip back in the bridge before the song comes to a gentle close. Critiquing the way individuality in the music industry can often be overlooked for music that fits the mold, Gary vents all the hardships of being a working original musician into the track, creating

We were lucky enough to find some time to chat with Gary about his infectious new song. See what he had to say below!

You’ve just released your song Corrupted Young Mind. Can you take us through what the song’s about?

Corrupted Young Mind was written while living on the Gold Coast during my first year of university back in 2016. I was living on my brother’s couch at the time – partying while trying to study and write music. Day in, day out, we hear songs on the radio with no individuality from the song played prior to it, making me wonder why some get the attention which they do? For years, I have been releasing originals and gigging to get my songs out and heard. The frustration around the music industry kept growing inside me and has led us here – to Corrupted Young Mind. I wanted to release a song that portrayed the freedom that comes with creating your own unique music. So here I am, testing the limits and boundaries with a variety of genres to show the diversity of true music.  

I really love the sound of your song! What bands/ artists inspired this?

I would definitely say bands such as Sticky FingersLime Cordiale, Catfish and The Bottlemen, Mako Road and Tame Impala have inspired my music.

This track is released with your first music video (out later this month)! What was the filming experience like? And how do the visuals link back to the song?

Filming the music video was really fun! My girlfriends sister Ruby Pagram did an incredible job filming and editing. We aimed for the video to be fun and filled with silly dance moves. But if you watch carefully there is a hidden message in the video. The masked character is a metaphor for those sort of people not wanting to give independent artists a chance. But once the groove hits the mask character slowly gets into it!

How do you approach your songwriting? Is it usually concept, lyrics or instrumental first?

Normally I try find a chord progression I love first. After that my main goal is to try get a catch opening line. Normally after that the song writing juices will flow.

What drew you to wanting to become an original musician?

I love being able to write songs based on the way I feel and the experiences I have dealt with. So being able to bring those songs to life and put them out there is a great way to express my emotions.

Your last few singles have began picking up a fair amount of traction! Where do you see yourself and your music in 10 years?

I hope to see myself playing shows in a band to crowds of people singing and dancing along to my tunes.

If you could play alongside any band or artist in the world, dead or alive, who would you love to be on the same bill as?

I would love to play with Lime Cordiale. I love their style of music!

What advice do you have for anyone wanting to get a start in the music industry?

I would say to keep writing and recording your music and keep sharing it to the world. Its not about getting millions of streams its about getting your stories and sounds out there!

Who are some of your favourite local acts?

I love watching Peach Fur live, those boys have so much energy and stage presence. They are a bunch of great lads too.

And finally, what does 2021 look like for Gary Collocott?

I have a handful of songs recorded and the plan is to keep a flow of music coming out for 2021. I am also aiming to start a band and get a few original gigs around the Gold Coast and Byron Bay.

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