GIG REVIEW: Lost Goat Found, Paris Irwin + Staples, Black Bear Lodge, Brisbane, 15/05/2021

Words Kate Lockyer {Kate Lockyer Music}

The low, sultry mood of Black Bear Lodge was blown out of the water last night by a high energy performance from Lost Goat Found. The night was a launch of their single Cold Feet, a groovy addition to the other singles they have released over the past three years. Supported by Staples and Paris Irwin, the gig was chock full of emerging young Brissie talent. While Staples matched Lost Goat Found in funky indie pop/rock vibes, Paris brought her uniquely experimental pop sound to the stage.

The night started off with Staples playing a set that got everyone pumped for the night. A Brisbane-based alt rock band, they have recently released their EP, ‘Another Melodramatic Mess’ which is well worth a listen. Their performance was polished, the songs had heat and the audience really soaked it all in.

Paris Irwin took to the microphone next, delivering ethereal vocals that had everyone falling in love with her songs. Her first song, Tendons, started with a pulsing beat, her voice starting off low then taking flight into the higher planes of her voice. The next began sweet, but snaps of sassy vibrato and a growl in her voice push it to the next level. Paris’ presence is captivating, haunting, and self-assured, and the whole set was a serious Vera Blue moment. Introducing her cover of Stay, she says she has been in a Rihanna mood lately, and “it would be rude not to”. The cover is soulful, but with a hint of youth in the playful harmonies, lifting every so often into a fresh rendition.

For something “extra funky fresh”, Paris even made up a song on the spot, using three words that the audience picked out for her (fastidious, flamingo, and betrayal). The next song, Art, was her first release and she confesses she hasn’t sung it at a gig for two years. With passionate lyrics – “I need me more than I need you”, Paris’ She reaches out, twirling her fingers, and pulls on each note, both with her voice and as she dances onstage. Her last few songs are as captivating as the rest, first a lively song written when she was twelve, then a smoky number that she described as being about “having sex with someone with your eyes”, finishing off with a cover of a dance favourite, Valerie.

Lost Goat Found then take to the stage. They start with a spacious moody sound, airy chords, stretching out the anticipation of their audience, then launch into an energetic tune with a crash of drums and powered strokes on the electric. On asking how the audience is doing, front man Morgan elicits a scream from the audience. The band slows it down then, singing “nothing hurts anymore”, and gradually bringing up the energy again with percussion. With a “na na na” in the chorus and a flutter of wholesome lyrics, the song feels like a bubbly lemonade, fresh and sweet.

In one of their more recent single releases, Hooped Earrings, Lost Goat Found brings an endearing youthful energy as they groove away onstage. Bright, spangly synth drapes itself across the pauses in lyrics, as the infectious chorus has everyone dancing and singing along – “She’s gonna fly, don’t need those hooped earrings no more”.

Lost Goat Found introduces Miss Me as a new song. It has an enigmatic intro, with a Dean Lewis-esque pensive guitar riff. Morgan’s low voice reels us in with a sentimental twist in his voice, singing “I need you tonight to tell me that you miss me”. Even to the back of the crowd, people are dancing around in the chorus, and twirling two fingers on the fretboard there is a bass solo from Cameron to finish off the song.

Pondering bass, slow keyboard chords and lightly trickling percussion start Daydream off. Morgan’s vocals wander from smooth low lines to more fervent vocalisations as the tempo picks up, and we hear the electric highlighted, piercing with intensity as Morgan sings “There’s no way out, there’s no time”.

The next tune, the band says, is a new version of an oldie, beginning slow, expansive, minor keyed. Searing vocals make the song, and it finishes with a riff, buzzing and sultry, on the electric. A dizzying descending scale from the guitar kicks of the next tune, the band singing “I don’t ever want to cry, I don’t ever want to die, I don’t ever want to feel this way again”. Pulsing and staccato, the song has a rough edge hewn in, but it has everyone bopping along. By this point, Lost Goat Found is thriving off the energy of the crowd, jumping around and bopping their heads. There are sizzling cymbals and a red-hot riff on the electric.

Morgan has an endearing twang in his voice, and in this song, he dives into his slick higher range, while a breakneck tempo keeps everyone on the feet. The last chorus builds up with a repeated “Now I’m running, running, running”, and finishes off with a belted note from the vocals.

For Rain, Morgan switches back to keys, and a retro synth sound brings a 80s feel to their song, along with a banging beat and high energy guitar. Singing “She hits like the rain, she’s never gonna know my name”, the vocals soar, while Ben on the lead guitar is searing.

Finally, we come to the song everyone’s been waiting for – their latest single Cold Feet. The band introduces it, saying “Funnily enough we’ve played this song many times before, it starts chill but then really kinda grooves into it”, and you can tell it’s a crowd favourite. Arpeggiated notes on electric frame Morgan singing “I see you calling baby, the only one I’ve ever known” down low. Then the thump of the kick drum and the punch of the lyrics begin, and the song picks up towards the chorus, the push of the drums and the guitars pick up the energy. The chorus is super cool and atmospheric. The crowd sing along with the lyrics, and the band says, at the end, “You guys are incredible, I don’t even know the words to that song”.

Upstairs is another groovy song where we got to hear Morgan’s low range in the verses, while the chorus has a super smooth, sweet higher range. Jumping up and down in the instrumental, Lost Goat Found are really making the most of the energy the crowd has been giving back all night, dancing and singing along.

After calls for one last song, Morgan teases, “I don’t know if we’ve got time… wait, actually, I Got Time, that might be the song we should do”. The first song they ever released; I Got Time began with gentle waves of electric tricking into the room, and even from the first lines, the crowd shouts most of the song for them. By the chorus, the song is heating up, reflective and lush as they sing “Every time you go out, and I just wanna shout out, I got time for you”. They pull it back to start the final chorus, and a clap starts, but then the fills crash back in, and Morgan belts the last part, climbing up to play guitar right next to Dom on drums.

Lost Goat Found is an emerging Brisbane local indie rock band that serves up confident and catchy originals with a hair flick and a grin. As you may know, Black Bear Lodge has a wooden floor in an upstairs venue, so a crowd jumping up and down makes you feel like the whole room is gonna come crashing down, but that didn’t matter, because Lost Goat Found had already brought the house down.

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