MEMORY CASTLES Turn Up The Heat With New Single ‘Burning Down’

Photo: Ella Maude

Fired up and raring to go, Australian pop-rockers Memory Castles are back with their first single of 2021, scorching new track ‘Burning Down’ out now.

Celebrated for their manic energy and penchant for dramatics, Memory Castles deliver explosive songs that speak to everyone’s inner 2000s scene kid whilst simultaneously crackling with a wicked mix of hyper-pop and Australian indie-rock.

In true Memory Castles style, the band finished 2020 with a bang, releasing singles Flicker in October and Best/Worst/Girl-Friend in December. 

Now with Burning DownMemory Castles have turned up the heat yet again, delivering a frenzied emo-punk anthem that is sure to induce whiplash and cause blisters.

Thrown into the flames from the first crashing beat, Burning Down instantly captivates with fast-paced distorted guitars and the dirty, static-fuelled vocals of frontman Jesse Cumes. Before there’s time to catch a breath, the track is engulfed by quintessential punk progressions and choppy chords, delivered through a crazed combo of warped electric guitar and aggressive drumming. 

Hysterical laughter signals the end of the first anthemic chorus before an ominously subdued verse allows for a climb to the next. A heaviness descends on the bridge as escalating guitar riffs and echoing vocals warn a belting lyrical hook, heard over a stomping beat reminiscent of hundreds of Dr. Marten clad feet connecting with a sticky mosh-pit floor. Finally, an unabashed crescendoing chorus keeps the heart racing long after the last note.

Known for drawing on personal experiences with mental illness and heartbreak in their writing, Burning Down explores frontman Jesse Cumes’ intimate struggles with Borderline Personality Disorder and the impact that has on his life and relationships. Written before his diagnosis, Cumes further explains the meaning behind the track:

“Burning Down is a song about instability, dysfunction and emotional exhaustion, expressing an inability to formulate a coherent and stable opinion on someone because of the overwhelming emotional responses you have towards them, splitting back and forth between intense infatuation and burning resentment.”

Burning Down is out now and is just the beginning for what is set to be a colourful year of exhilarating releases for the Adelaide boys. Memory Castles will be launching the new track on May 22 at Adelaide UniBar supported by Idly By and Nocturnal Animals.

Listen to Burning Down HERE.

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