GIG REVIEW: Haiku Hands, HANNI, LÂLKA + DJ Sojugang, Woolly Mammoth, 07/05/2021

Words Shannon-Lee Sloane – {The Colourful Writer }

Not gonna lie, it’s been a long ass week. The usual juggle of work life, Mum life, running a music website, my new podcast, working on the huge music festival I am putting on in July and a stack of other stuff I won’t bore you with. After a busy Friday selling hats at the best hat shop in town (for real), I headed to the valley to let my hair down (under my Kangol pastel pink Furgora hat though, ‘cos stylin’) and wrap my eyes and ears around some killer live music to dance my ass off to. Nice. 

Thanks to the gorgeous team at one of my fave PR companies, Positive Feedback, myself and my gig buddy made our way to the Woolly Mammoth to see a band I have wanted to see in full force and live for many moons. Haiku Hands; fierce talented goddess’s that OWN every stage they grace. Now, words are totally my thing, but I am a little lost for words on this one. They are just SO GOOD. 

But let’s kick off where the night began. First up we were treated to a DJ set from DJ Sojugang. A dance/hip hop heavy DJ set with mash ups like Missy Elliot’s Work It and Crazy Town’s Butterfly. Yes thanks, that was hot. 

With literally no time in between, classically trained Brisbane musician and multi-hyphenate producer, LÂLKA took to the stage. Now, anyone who can flip from playing a violin, to singing, to DJ-ing and then back again has got some impressive moves there’s no doubt. LÂLKA’s music flows through ambient sounds to full dance grooves with a candy pop vocal to ice the cake. The highlight, her single, Atomic Blonde“I like the way music looks, I like the way fashion sounds…” LÂLKA was full of sass and confidence and even had a go at those sitting down during her set “I really don’t get why you’re all still sitting down!?” 

With a small rest in between and time to grab another beverage at the bar, next up was Brisbane singer/songwriter, HANNI. The first thing that grabbed me with her performance was her stunning voice. So much depth in a voice that in my opinion should be fronting a full band. A natural talent, her voice, unwavering. HANNI is young (I think maybe 19?) but has a voice and presence that is bigger than her years earth side. My only criticism of her performance is her slightly negative talk of herself, she apologised a few times for not being as ‘upbeat’ as the other acts and made other comments along those lines. Girl, let me tell you, you are amazing and there is no need for any apologies. HANNI’s performance included all her recent songs including one which stood out for me called Backstreets which she explained was set to be on her upcoming EP. I am keen to hear the full EP. 

The stage went dark as punters flocked to the front to claim their dancing spots for the headliner. Haiku Hands made their way on stage with shouts and screams of delight from their adoring Brisbane fans. 

The Haiku Hands QUEENS, Beatrice Lewis, Mie Nakazawa, Mataya Young and Bernie Van Tiel put on a show full of passion, energy, heart and soul. Their set last night was non stop, in your face FUN. The crowd lapping up every moment with a reflected level of love and energy. Looking around at the crowd a few times, the fans were all smiles as they danced, moved, grooved and sung along to every word. It is hard to pick a highlight from their set because every single song was just stellar, high quality live performance magic. 

After paying their respects to the traditional owners of the land, their set began with Super Villain and the music vibrated so hard through the sticky wooden floors that it made my whole face vibrate! But that wasn’t a problem for long as I found myself unable to stand still anyway, the vibration of the music through my body set something alight and I moved with that feeling, forgetting my busy week and living for this moment, right here, right now, music flowing through my veins. Heck yes. 

They played all the fan favourites, Squat, Jupiter, Fashion Model Art, Manbitch, Suck My Cherry, and Not About You. I was constantly impressed by their moves, confidence on stage and entire vibe. These women are doing what they were called to do in this lifetime. Performing their songs to the world and making people dance and have fun. 

Throughout all of Haiku Hands‘ songs there is a strong female power, energy and presence. Their songs are empowering, inspiring and unique. On top of that, they present themselves with quirky adornments such as clear masks and rectangular glasses and all their press shots and music videos are artistic and obscure. This only adds to the reasons I love them so much. They are left of centre and they don’t give a fuck. In fact, they embrace it, inspiring others to do the same. 

Last night was just what I needed. I made sure to thank Haiku Hands briefly before I left for sharing such energy with all of those watching. Music is not just music. Live performance is not just live performance. It’s an exchange of energy. From the performer to the punter and then back again. It’s far more special than some realise. 

Haiku Hands continue their Super Villian tour tonight at Howler in Melbourne. If you’re in Melbourne, I highly recommend you get yourself to the show. 


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