NATHAN KAYE Releases Inspirational New Single ‘Humble Yourself MMXXI’

Byron Bay contempory artist Nathan Kaye has today shared his inspirational new single Humble Yourself (MMXX1).

Kaye’s soul-searching blues and roots is captured by the artist in his performance as a complete one man band. The multi-instrumentalist has gained a solid reputation in Australia and around the world for his outstanding musicianship, mastering almost any stringed instrument he possesses alongside his unique didgeridoo beatbox skill. His artistry on Lap Steel guitar presents as an ‘at one’ connection with his songs. His affinity with his music has again shone through in his latest track, Humble Yourself (MMXX1), the artist digging deep and calling on his inner voice to create the track after a burst of inspiration from a personal experience.

Listen to Humble Yourself MMXXI HERE

Nathan explains: “This song was penned after a night of judging some people that I knew. In fact, I was singing it in my sleep & was awoken by the visceral feeling in my throat of my own voice actually singing out loud. So I got up, grabbed my guitar & watched the sun rise from the front porch as the song wrote itself in a matter of minutes.”

The song is set deeply in the knowledge that we become what we practice most. When we judge other’s, we are practicing superciliousness and the end result is that we end up internally judging ourselves all the time. Therefore to bring others down is to ultimately bring ourselves do.

“It was a reminder to myself that whenever I point the finger at someone else, there are 3 fingers pointing back at me.” says Kaye.

Surprisingly, in the sonic creation of this track there are no synthesisers. Aside from the drums, bass & vocals, all those sounds are organically created by a lap steel slide guitar played through a series of guitar FX pedals.

The groove was inspired by 90’s trip-hop, yet blended with a Ben Harper roots & Lenny Kravitz retro rock kind of vibe.

The result is the merging of seemingly contradicting forces, which is a reflection of the philosophical dichotomy of finding peace amidst the cacophony of social & self-judgement.

Humble Yourself (MMXX1) is available HERE on all streaming services


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