SINGLE REVIEW: Tragic Me – ‘Dances Alone’

Words by: Tracey Moyle {Music Maven}

Brisbane’s latest force in alt rock TRAGIC ME are back again with latest single Dances Alone. The band captured worldwide attention with their last single, the electrifying For The Night, and haven’t wasted any time riding the wave of momentum.

Dances Alone has a complexity to it that expands on Tragic Me’s ability to capture the feeling behind a song, and emotion is the key to this new release. The new single is a burst of emotive rock with an unfolding story of heartbreak inspired by a narrative of young love and how fleeting it can be. Frontman Alex Thompson-Tark shares an insight, “Lots of people often put a dependency on finding love to define who they are and don’t spend enough time focusing on themselves to grow.”

Lyrically the track follows a young woman completely lost after the ending of a relationship, feeling incomplete without a partner, unable to overcome the heartache. Alex goes on to explain “The song is about how it is important to be happy with being yourself.”  

Thompson-Tark opens the track with a vocal narrative, building the storytelling aspect and drawing attention to the lyrics. There is a resigned sadness in his delivery. The track shifts, around the halfway mark, with a melodic rock inspired chorus alongside big catchy hooks.

“She never gets over that feeling of closure, it’s all she has. She dances alone. It’s all she knows”

Dances Alone – Tragic Me

The transition from moody pop to an alt rock track builds perfectly with the climax worth the wait, opening up into a ‘sweet-as’ guitar solo giving the number the burst you were waiting for to carry it through. The song rocks out to the end with Thompson-Tark’s vocal range on full display.

A great track that flows through, creating an image of the story through its narrative, building into a catchy rock track you will want to hear again. Tragic Me are definitely on their way to finding their place on music charts around the globe.

You can listen to Dances Alone HERE.

Tragic Me

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