LAUNDROMAT’S ‘Red’ EP Out Now + Watch New Video For ‘En Bloc’

Yesterday (23/04/2021) Laundromat (AKA Toby Hayes) shared his new ‘Red’ EP, out now on Brace Yourself Records (NuhaRuby RaPeeping Drexels). To accompany the news, he’s also shared a music video for one of the EP’s tracks, En Bloc, and has announced a show in Brighton for August 11th at The Prince Albert. The ‘Red’ EP is the third and final instalment of a trilogy of EPs, following his release of the ‘Blue’ EP (Apr 2021) and ‘Green’ EP (Nov 2020), both of which sold-out their physical run of vinyl. Laundromat has received support from Steve LamacqMarc RileyDIYDork among others.

Hayes says of the track: “I’m really fond of this song, it actually started out as a fast tune, then one day I exported it at half speed to try something out and it kinda came to life. In my head, the bassline feels like what the lyrics are about – pals, and the preciousness of the time you share. Maybe it’s a statement of intent, too. I moved around a fair bit as a kid and struggled to make friends. Grew up a bit awkward, socially. So now I get really romantic about my friends, I guess we all do.  Most of the lyrics reference a specific person or group of people. The friends you see all the time, and the ones you almost never do. It feels particularly relevant now.  It’s also about goodbyes, and how some closeness will outlast any distance.

Laundromat is a project that has been a long time in the making, Hayes says, recalling a process that has taken “years” to bear fruition. The resulting EPs showcase a musician who has earned his stripes in the DIY scene. Inspired by a broad range of influences including Kim DealBroadcastJaki LiebezeitJason AlbertiniMadlib and Gonjasufi, Hayes also cites film as a huge source of intrigue: “I find a lot of inspiration in film – Repo Man (1984), Deep End (1970), Punch-drunk Love (2002), and Alice in the Cities (1974) in particular.”

Lyrically, the project explores the end of the world, panic attacks, political figures that don’t represent the people that elected them, the preciousness of friendship, binge drinking, mental health, as well as the time Hayes got ‘catfished’ – for nearly 7 years. FlatPlanet is a heady mix of crunchy guitar and confessional lyrics and Milky finds Laundromat on reflective form, illustrating his ability to write about depression with a genuine warmth and honesty. That skill, paired with his understated and refined songwriting, make for a compelling combination. 

Hayes finds salvation in the intimacy of bedroom recordings: “I love the sound of them. There’s something special there that I will always love, the sound of someone exploring their imagination, performing to themselves.” Lo-fi may be the guiding force, but after an eventful and painful few years Laundromat is ready to embrace positive change and seek catharsis with these new recordings.

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2021 Shows
Aug 11th | Brighton, UK – The Prince Albert 
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