SPUTNIK SWEETHEART Are Back With New Single ‘Jealousy’

“It’s unsurprising that a crowd would be easily rallied by a Sputnik Sweetheart song performed live. The band build indie rock on a formation of intricate guitar melodies and simple, irresistibly catchy choruses.”
 Triple J

“It’s clear that Canberra indie-rockers Sputnik Sweetheart are onto something special.”

“Kicking things up another notch in terms of instrumentation and production, [Sputnik Sweetheart are] proving themselves as not only ones to watch, but future leaders of Australia’s music scene.”

Funnelling pure emotional energy into its 3:10 minutes, Canberra’s Sputnik Sweetheart present their new single, Jealousy. For their first release of the year, the four piece alt-rock outfit dig deep and explore the discomfort and chaos that can often affect a person when overcome by envy.

The song is another striking step forward for the band, who have been consistently making a name for themselves off the back of their debut EP ‘Growing Pains’ in 2019. With Jealousy, Sputnik Sweetheart brings passionate delivery together with a refined sound. The songwriting chops were always there with this band but as we continue to follow them on their creative journey, we’re seeing Sputnik Sweetheart galvanise into a dominating new force.


Recorded between The Grove Studios and the personal studio of engineer Jack Nigro, Sputnik Sweetheart created Jealousy at the same time as their 2020 track Rolling. Says bassist Joe Pabis, the genesis of Jealousy was a point in their sessions that proved to be one he couldn’t get out of his head.

“The song originated from the main guitar riff you hear throughout the intro and verses. Nette sent me a voice memo and as soon as I heard it I couldn’t get it out of my head. We’ve been playing the song live for a while but in different forms. We didn’t get the structure you hear on the recording until we got into the studio. We recorded the bass and drums at the same time we recorded our last single ‘Rolling’ at Grove Studios, and added guitars and vocals at Jack’s personal studio space in Sydney a few months later.” – Joe Pabis, Sputnik Sweetheart

Jealousy takes on its own form throughout the song, with Sputnik Sweetheart fashioning the emotion into a monster; a looming character in their narrative. For frontwoman and guitarist Nette France, conceptualising the song this way led to the creation of some great single artwork too, courtesy of Sophia Kochinos.

“Jealousy is one of those uncomfortable emotions that makes you feel not like yourself. You know that feeling where you’re like, “Am I losing my mind?”. For the song, we imagined the emotion to be this kind of nasty fantasy creature that made people act and think differently. The lyrics are written from the perspective of that creature and the single artwork is a guess at what it might look like.”  – Nette France, Sputnik Sweetheart

Jealousy is OUT NOW.


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