HARBOR THE CODE Drop Crazy Clip For ‘Breakdown The Walls’

Brisbane heavy hitters, Harbor The Code recently dropped their savage new track Breakdown The Walls. Listen again here.

Today, they unleash the maniacal video.

Some would say there is a little bit of crazy in all of us. Breakdown The Walls demonstrates this by revealing vocalist George Gana in a secluded room insinuating a sense of instability, chaos and a deranged mind….  

Get me out, I can’t breathe now.” 

With outbursts of rage, signs of psychosis and a cool, calm and collected therapist (played by Lucy Currie), Breakdown The Walls is sure to please those who have a thirst for dark and psychotic nature. 

Taking influences from both Deathcore and Metalcore, band members George Gana (vocals), Darcy Sinclair (guitars) and James Brodbeck (drums) have worked together to create their own unique take on the genre’s and have developed a viciously brutal sound.

After spending a year and a half writing, Harbor The Code hit the local scene running with their first show at Wallapalooza Festival in Sept 2019. The response and feedback they received from this show was huge and soon after they were offered a slot at Halloween Hysteria Fest in November and scored the opening slot on Northlane’s Gold Coast stop on their January 2020 tour. Soon after, in March, the band lost two members and then lockdown hit. 

While it has been tough on everyone, Harbor The Code took it as a chance to refocus their efforts and adapted their sound to continue on as a 3 piece. They returned with the launch of Phoenix in September 2020 and second single Sirens in December.

Harbor, meaning “Harbor of thought” and The Code meaning “Secret”, lyrically their songs are written about real life experience and personal secrets, something we can all relate to.


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